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What's Good for the Noose is Good for the Pander

JScottKemp Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 5:02 PM
Dr. Adams is making the case for a specific item in a broader debate: Is it better to find common ground with the liberals - so as to make conservatism more attractive to the middle-ground independents? Or is it better to provide a stark alternative to liberalism (trans-national progressivism?) so that the undecided will be able to make a distraction-free decision? I, like Dr. Adams, favor the second position. We should make the contrast between progressivism and conservatism clear. This is the principled position, and I think it is good politics as well.
Anominus Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 5:07 PM
Everytime a moderate is put forth, he loses. This was observable with McCain four years ago, and should have ensured that Romney never became the candidate.

Recently, Ann Coulter wrote a controversial column suggesting that numerous Republican losses in the 2012 election cycle could be tied to the GOP stance on abortion. After lamenting the problem, she suggested a solution: the GOP should officially abandon its opposition to the so-called rape exception to a ban on abortion.

Ann's position on this matter is wrong for three reasons. First, it is unprincipled. Second, it will not be received with the popular support she envisions. Third, it is not the best political response to the problem. After elaborating on each problem associated with Ann's position, I propose an...