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Served my country for four years. My son died in Iraq while serving his country.
C'mon So what you are saying is that not all human beings are not entitled to health care? And just who are you to make that decision? Survival of the fittest? I would love for you to meet the daughter of my neighbors. A beautiful, 5 year old, with cancer. If it were not for "Obamacare" her parent's would not be able to afford her medical care. Who are you to condemn this little girl to death?
Then be a "patriot" and cut up your Medicare card. Do not apply for SS when you come of age.
Uber It is "medicare" (use spell check). Think on the positive side - you will have financed your parents - and your grandparents- with the medical care they needed. You, on the other hand, are on your own. Without some kind of national health care - you will be on your own and the republican party - and their followers (such as on th) will be calling you a parasite looking for a handout. Best of luck to you
Who said it was mandatory? If you choose to use your own private insurance company (if you can find anyone to insure you at the age of 65) by all means, use them. Like I said, cut up your Mediare card. Best of luck to you
C'mon Man Tell you what. When your Medicare Card arrives in the mail - cut it up. If you, and your fellow townhall followers did the same - the country might be able to save some money. Also, do not apply for Social Security when you come of age. Social Security is another one of those "communist" entitlement programs that you condemn. Please keep in touch and let me know where (or which) gutter you end up living in
Kind of like Willard huh? Just wondering which home he will retire to
Benson Just don't give up do you? You and your party lost - big time. It is now time to grow a pair and try to work through the country's problems. Quit with the petty vitriol and get to work. Try some charity work. You will feel much better about yourself (if that is possible).
ByeBarry? really? and from what planet die you arrive? you need to change your alias - how about "tatawillard?"
Carlos Petraeus is a rethuglican. Born and bred. You know - the hypocrites of our time.
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