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Here is what happens when people are so desperate to promote their ideology, they are quick to draw conclusions even it it means violating every rule of intelligent research. Concluding that the unemployment rate dropped because benefits were cut when there are so many factors involved is simply ludicrous and another clear example of how political pundits keep the masses stuck in their own intellectual ineptness. How many left the job market? How many jobs were lost forever? What about the net gain in jobs due to seasonal positions opening up? Anyone think about these other factors or? Also, the unemployment data says nothing about what kind of jobs are being gained..are they full time, part time, etc? And its even more ridiculous for the writer to suggest that his/her experience with unemployment benefits will be similar to everyone's else's experience around this vast nation. Welcome to the dumbing down of America. Personally I am all for what the true data shows..if it really shows that people are more akin to get jobs when their benefits are cut then so be it..if it shows the opposite then so be it.....conservative, liberal..who da heck cares, i just want whats best for people not for a political party.....so please give me the facts..show me what the data truly shows and then you will have my vote one way or the other.
Conservatives like Elder are so ridiculous at times that its hard to take them seriously. Dead soldiers on faulty intelligence..but Bush is a republican so lets give him a pass.
wow...this is a clear example of how ideology fries the brain. Defending Bush on WMDs in light of the deaths that took place?? Even someone as book smart as Larry Elder seems like a moron when sticking to his ideological guns.
Yes he spent so much debating, campaigning, and fighting with the right...so he can set it up to fail.......you would make a great journalist
So let me get this straight...the website is crashing due to high demand which means that the law is a failure? mmmmmmmmmm
This has been proven over and over and over and over to be one of the greatest myths about Obamacare and debunked over and over and over by fact checkers...and yet you people continue to propagate this nonsense. And to be so mindless to believe Sarah Palin its reprehensible and it makes you look bad. My God look for facts instead of regurgitating the likes of Sarah Palin who has a political agenda http://www.forbes.com/sites/peterubel/2013/01/09/why-it-is-so-difficult-to-kill-the-death-panel-myth/
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