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Malik Zulu Shabbaz, David Duke, And Me

jsalamone Wrote: May 25, 2012 9:36 PM
Kathy, your heart may be in the right place or it may not be, only GOD knows, but you are entering a dangerous very territory by misleading people to believe that GOD ordains sin and immorality.
KathyCanyonwalker Wrote: May 28, 2012 5:41 PM
congratulating a Christian, as many have here, for the recognition of his persecution of another group of humans is FAR outside the bounds of the Gospel.
du2 Wrote: May 27, 2012 1:40 PM
Kathy has a lot more than her heart in the right place. Her INTELLIGENCE and compassion are too. Michael Brown has history he has no reason to be proud of. In fact, he's displaying a pathology recognized in sociopaths. He is indifferent to the reactions he's inciting. He complains about venerated anti hate and defamation groups as if HE is a victim of systemic discrimination. When clearly he is not. His doctorate, if it's real, is in Eastern languages, not gay sociology. He's got no credential to speak on the subject, you should be smarter in discerning who does.
du2 Wrote: May 27, 2012 1:37 PM
The fruit of immorality, is inflicting pain, defamation and abuse on a group who are not committing it on anyone else. jsalamone: it is YOU who is in fact, ordaining the perpetration of spite, and cruelty for no other reason than a difference that gay people have. Not how gay people treat others. Our society ignores all kinds of the religious definition of sins with human progress and experience. Abusing another human being for the fiction of supremacy over them is no excuse. Invoking piety and religious justification has been done WRONGLY before on that basis. You don't fool those smarter than you.

I never expected to be on the same list with the leader of the New Black Panthers (Malik Zulu Shabbaz), a former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (David Duke), a Jew-bashing White Supremacist (Don Black), and a Neo-Nazi (Morris Gullet), but thanks to the investigative genius of the Southern Poverty Law Center (the SPLC), I have made it into the big time.

Yes, according to the SPLC’s latest “Intelligence Report” (Summer 2012, Issue Number: 146), I am now on the illustrious list of “30 New Activists Heading Up the Radical Right.” (You may want to...