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Equivocating or Evolving, President Obama is Wrong Either Way

jsalamone Wrote: May 12, 2012 8:05 AM
This information represents a fair summary of the available evidence concerning homosexual life span. It indicates that on average, even apart from AIDS, persons caught up in homosexuality will be extremely lucky live past their 40’s if and when they embrace the homosexual identity and lifestyle closer to their appalling loss of about anywhere from 8-30 years, or up to 40% of normal American life span, similar to life expectancy rates of the average person living in the 1800s...

We know the story well: Barack Obama was for same-sex “marriage” (1996) before he was against it (2004) before he was for it (2012), although in 2008, he was apparently for it and against it (although mainly against it). Based, however, on his strong support for gay activism during his “against” years, it seems clear that he was equivocating in his public opposition to same-sex “marriage.”

But let’s say his views really were evolving, as he claims. Either way, whether equivocating or evolving, he has proven himself to be untrustworthy in this very important matter.

Let’s first consider what appears...