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Hayek dedicated his book to "Socialists of All Parties".
Wow. With rhetoric like that, some might call you an "agent provocateur". A Democrat in Republican clothing trying to be intentionally disruptive. Not me though.
It's just a matter of time. The wedge that the GOPe is driving through the heart of the Party will soon spell its demise. Roberts should be up by double digits. One guess as to why he isn't.
Looks like Roberts is enjoying the fruits of those labors.
“If the president determines it’s time to return to the White House to fulfill his responsibilities as president and commander in chief…he will alter his schedule accordingly.” Barack felt the cartilage break in his ear as Valarie pulled him down to her level. Of course, he didn't flinch; he'd been yanked on the ears so much the nerves were shot by the time he was 16. Valarie hissed, "Look, you WILL cancel this trip. Democrats are starting to freak-out. Powerful Democrats." "But Paltrow and Stevie are going to be there!", Barack whined. "Which means Democrats will know you're serious. Now get to work.", Jarrett replied. "Aww, shucks, Why does everything bad happen to me?", Barack huffed as he stamped his foot on the floor. "Where's the teleprompter? Let's get this over with."
For once, I'm speechless. I swear I'll never drink city water again.
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