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These people need to be tortured; not for information, mind you, but because they deserve it. Afterwards, they should be forced to pick the tar off their naked bodies.
This is Colorado. High-quality pot was already extraordinarily easy to obtain. If you had a dealer before, you still have a dealer. "Legal" pot didn't change a thing except that now you can smell "skunk" coming out of one house on every block because growers don't have to hide the smell.
As much as I love arguing with Progs. I must call it an evening. Gotta work tomorrow so that the Moochers don't have to and so that the Looters don't have an empty pocket to pick. g'nite all.
One of many reasons. Another: people who are too lazy and/or stupid to get a photo ID should not be allowed to vote.
Why are you opposed to Voter ID, EEA?
I've not called anybody names. You know, like "clowns"?
You forgot the /sarc
-65 percent of black Americans live in the Deep South. -Older folks on limited incomes often more to where the COL is lower (Red States). These folks get a larger portion of private sector taxpayer money than younger people -The IRS doesn't care about the higher COL in a Blue state. To them a dollar is a dollar. So the solution to this disparity is to redistribute black Americans to all states equally, make retirees stay in their Blue states, and force Blue states to lower their COL.
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