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Measles? Easy answer for a fighter: mass immigration. I don't think Walker will go there. Evolution? The best answer I've come up with: "Classic Liberals are divine creations of God. Progressives are definitely the offspring of fish-monkeys." Finish with a wink and smile. The advice is free this time. Next time it'll cost ya.
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Obama's Failed Presidency

JRusso Wrote: Feb 08, 2015 10:07 AM
Hillary isn't a "formidable opponent" to a candidate who's willing to do what it takes to win. She can be as easily defeated as Obama should have been.... a candidate who's willing to do what it takes to win. In the unlikely event that the Republican Party nominates a fighter, Hillary's only chance would be a Third Party candidate who splits the vote. Considering that white, working-class votes are up for grabs, and a Republican Party hellbent on flooding the country with immigrants, a "UKIP"-type of candidate would ensure a Republican defeat.
They could try competing with Comedy Central instead of other "news" channels.
I saw a bumper sticker of a dinosaur eating a "Jesus fish" while out with some friends. I said, "I'll bet that driver doesn't have the guts to have a sticker with a dinosaur eating Mohammad. She knows that it is ok to attack Christians because they won't cut her head off. Of course, she'd never make fun of Buddhists or Hindus because that'd be "intolerant"." To that, my Progressive friend replied, "Well, there was the Inquisition." I replied back, "What, before the Reformation or after? Talk about ancient history. That was friggin' 500-years ago. The Reformation happened shortly after. Face it: the driver of that car is an offensive, intolerant coward." The conversation ended there.
We better have an investigation or something. At least a strongly-worded letter.
"They haven't earned taxpayers' trust." Why should DC care about taxpayers (private sector workers)? Both parties are vying for the votes of Looters and Moochers.
"There's a good reason why the GOP is emphasizing the fact that Obama's road map never balances: A large majority of Americans believe the federal government should be required to balance its books each year." Large majorities are opposed to Executive Amnesty too. Anybody who believes Republican Party leadership about anything except their comments on destroying the Constitution is Gruber-stupid.
If you eliminate the increase in spending resulting from massive population growth, we'd end up in a depression. The Fed and our Overlords wouldn't want that to happen, no matter how bad it f's up the rest of the country. Mass immigration = DC CYA
The Black Market is associated with violence.
DC can't be saved. I'm hoping for a massive, sudden sinkhole to swallow the whole region, immediately filling with water and drowning everybody except Katie Pavlich. The area could be turned into something useful, like a park.
Used to be that the Republican Party embraced Classic Liberalism. Some individual Republicans still do, but the Party considers them "wackobirds". Sure, this may be an issue of more concern to the Left, but by "restoring the integrity of the Fifth Amendment", Paul is actually moving some on the Left, right.
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