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Socraticly [sic]. It's easy. Find a Democrat, ask him/her if self-sufficiency is preferable to dependency. Don't let them try to wiggle-out with something than a "yes or no" answer. Here's another: "Are you smart enough to make your own health care decisions." Or this doozie: "Do you thing minorities and poor people are too lazy and stupid to get photo IDs?"
Most people are conservative. I've proven this to several die-hard Democrats.
By nature, everybody is a conservative.
There is a UKIP on our way. Pointing to DC, the Democrats, and the Republicans, will be no different than pointing to Brussels, Labour, and the Tories. Both parties are abandoning the citizens and selling the country to the highest bidder.
Besides, GOPe already punishes those who aren't sufficiently progressive.
TEAs don't want to "dictate" to anybody...or be "dictated".
They must kill the Constitution even if it means their own death.
and "conservative"
Nah, they've already reached the conclusion that there is no difference. You'll get nothing but a "meh" from them as these rules only affirm what they already believe.
Hm. Just like Democrats. Soon it'll be impossible to tell the difference.
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