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I listened. Tell the rest of the story, Lois.
It isn't lost on me that the only story on TH about Cochran is at the bottom of page 2.
Beck says Grassley gave money to Cochran so that Cochran could solicit Democrats in his primary win over a Conservative. Normally, I'd defend Grassley just like I defended Trent Lott. I just can't do it anymore.
I can just see the Democrat attack ad now: "Thad Cochran. He couldn't even win the support of his own party, now he wants MS to send him back to Washington for a seventh term in office. It's time to send Thad packing, but this time back to MS."
Well, if Cochran is really lucky, the election in Nov will be about Harry Reid and not his appeal to Democrats to help him win a primary election.
You ever hear of a "false dilemma"?
"Good to know you stand in full support of Harry Reid. He certainly has integrity!" I wouldn't vote for Reid either.
Better to stand for something, lest you fall for anything.
I wouldn't vote for him either, but I'd still vote.
Cochran is going to run on Harry Reid? That'll be something.
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