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+1. I could rip any Democrat a "new one" to the point where less than 20 percent of his/her voters would admit to voting for the candidate. The RNC could as well, but they don't have the balls. "Obama isn't electable" is as true a statement now as it was in 2008. The GOPe didn't have the balls to destroy him then, they don't have the balls to destroy him now, and they won't have the balls to take one the Dem nominee in 2016. They are a bunch of pathetic cowards...unless they're taking-on their own base.
As soon as Obama signs an EO allowing illegals the right to vote, elections won't matter much for the GOP.
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The Tea Party’s Talk Radio Ally

JRusso Wrote: Jul 15, 2014 10:59 PM
Cochran has no honor and neither do those who supported his smear campaign. They have no problem running this kind of campaign against another Republican, but when Obama needs to get taken out, they're a bunch of weak sisters. GOProgs can take their "unity" and shove it. If Cochran loses (which he deserves) and it costs the GOP the Senate (which GOP-USA doesn't deserve), the people to blame are listed below.
The "Fourth of July" is a date on a calendar. Happy Independence Day.
How easily could you swim across the Mississippi River? Cochran blew up the bridge you want Conservatives to cross and then shot holes in the only boat. Fortunately for you, you're already on the other side.
We have the internet now.
No, Ron. Punisher is clearly a hater of Cochran. And rightfully so.
Despite the fact that TH chooses to gloss over, or ignore, Cochran's path to "victory", lots of other websites are covering it. We all know what happened, Matt. Cochran deserves to lose. I hope he does and takes Barbour down with him.
BS. Now he's supposed to read the minds and know the intentions of all his supporters and those with whom he takes photos?
Most of my dreams have naked women with firearms. That's about as "American" as it gets, imo. Unfortunately, they're always shooting at me. Weird. Oh well, I haven't been hit yet. They must be Democrats.
"Is that the "rest of the story" you're referring to?" Heh, yeah, see how that worked out. Most Republicans have far too much integrity to vote for Hillary. We would have a much better society if most Democrats had integrity, but having a Nanny State allows Democrats to act like children. Spoiled, ignorant, unaccountable.
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