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A friend of mine videotaped the "Phoenix Lights". It's hard to know how big the craft was based on the tape, but she said it was huge. As well, both Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter gave descriptions of what seems to be the same craft. Reagan, who was in a private plane at the time, even gave chase.
Pacifism is the privilege of the protected.
I govern myself. I don't want help, regardless the pedigree of person who's forcing their views on me through the coercive power of government.
The illegals who've taken over the construction industry in Colorado drive $50,000 trucks and wear $200 work boots.
The "Scorpio" in me wants to see the Democrats rip 'em a new one. Sometimes. Not most of the time.
Republican Party "mega-doners" don't care, and they're the only ones who matter.
Much better answer than "pass".
Measles? Easy answer for a fighter: mass immigration. I don't think Walker will go there. Evolution? The best answer I've come up with: "Classic Liberals are divine creations of God. Progressives are definitely the offspring of fish-monkeys." Finish with a wink and smile. The advice is free this time. Next time it'll cost ya.
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Obama's Failed Presidency

JRusso Wrote: Feb 08, 2015 10:07 AM
Hillary isn't a "formidable opponent" to a candidate who's willing to do what it takes to win. She can be as easily defeated as Obama should have been.... ...by a candidate who's willing to do what it takes to win. In the unlikely event that the Republican Party nominates a fighter, Hillary's only chance would be a Third Party candidate who splits the vote. Considering that white, working-class votes are up for grabs, and a Republican Party hellbent on flooding the country with immigrants, a "UKIP"-type of candidate would ensure a Republican defeat.
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