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Thanksgiving in and out of Prison

jrpublic Wrote: Nov 27, 2014 10:24 AM
Non violent drug crimes…. now that is a lie in itself. There is no such thing as a non violent drug crime. The crimes committed due to drugs have costs thousands of lives and the loss of billions of dollars. Anyone who distributes and/or uses is a contributor to these crimes. Without a market there would be no reason for the cartels and other violent players. How many lives were destroyed due to this and other drug pushers? I noticed the full crime this guy committed was not mentioned in this article so I doubt if he got his sentence for personal use quantities.
Looks like she got her own medicine. Play with the devil.............
Why don't we base our immigration laws on what is good for the American citizen? How about we put our people first, not foreign nationals and not business. If we have a shortage of high tech workers, let business supplement the training of Americans. Like when they use to train people, when business invested in their workers. We can lighten our laws and regulations to allow apprenticeships again. We all know the high tech scam to import engineers who work for less money while our own citizen engineers are unemployed. This is the peoples country, put us first. Big business does not or should not rule. Politicians should look out for those who pay their legal salaries.
Yet they deregulated the media. Once there were laws stating one company could not own all the news outlets........... now we have a few dictating what we are informed of. Hypocracy and desfunction.
the ACLU has worked for years to destroy our freedoms. Subversive.
You are correct. It would take years of far right just to get to the middle at this point. Any concessions to the left will be betrayal.
agreed. Once amnesty is done, so are we.
bill gates is a perfect example of a "I got mine, you can't have yours" liberal. While spending billions on liberal support for agendas that will not affect him and his family but will burden us.
No, it hasn't always been illegal. That is a late 20th century lie. Prayer was not only allowed in schools prior to the late 20th century, it was common. Even our founders encouraged it and aided in distributing Christian Bibles to our shools. Our Capital building was used as a church on sundays for over a century starting with our founders as attendees.
Is it time to boycott? Our history shows that the so called separations did not include religious services in public buildings. Our founders and for a century following our founding attended Christian services in our Capital building. If the intent of our first ammendment was to ban religion, why did our founders assist in distributing Christian Bibles to our newly formed public schools? Time to remove so called educators that are unqualified to teach our children, time to demand they at the very least know and understand our history.
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