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Especially when the private industry is a Japanese company.
What is amazing is how newscasters are referring to Sony as an "American" company. It is not and never was an American company, it is a Japanese company and always has been. Having offices in our country does not change that. Is it pure ignorance or what?
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America in Urgent Need of Welfare Reform

jrpublic Wrote: Dec 16, 2014 9:19 AM
Stop rewarding bad behavior, period. Stop paying by family size. Stop giving incentives to over reproduce. They break the law or the rules they get nothing. If they have time to protest and riot, they can earn their own way. Create work for food programs, no working no food.
One could find more guilt in the liberal idealism that created the killers. The "it isn't your fault" and "you're ok, I'm ok everything goes culture they created. Liberals are the real killers the real violence condoning child killers.
I would like to see a rush of lawsuits against auto manufacturers for injury/death involved auto accidence. We can sue bicycle makers also. How about cutlery makers? Why not flood the courts with liability suits for all things that have been mis-used and resulted in death and or injury? The gun manufacturers should file counter claims of harassment.
Yes we are now a nation of cultural diversity, in fact we have very little left to bind us together as one nation. Our very foundation is crumbling. We are no longer one nation, we don't even have our traditions to fall back on because someone may be offended. We no longer even have a common history, while core Americans have ancestors who risked all in the creation of this country, others came risking nothing and contributing nothing. We don't even have a common language, the big divider. We have grown men who pretend to be women given more rights and protections than our young daughters, the safety and dignity of our children and women not as important as how these men "feel". Homosexual marriage is not so much the problem in itself as is the forced acceptance of what many believe is a deviant lifestyle. The forced participation in these ceremonies or lose ones livelihood. There is no room in a free society for forcing one to choose between ones religious convictions and ones means of self support. The only thing we are left to do is to abolish all anti-discrimination laws preventing this cohesion. If these nation dividing and destructive issues are not addressed in the 2016 elections it is because our politicians as with our "diverse" population no longer have the strength of character or courage that once made this nation great.
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Boehner Bombs the Base

jrpublic Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 9:19 AM
Even so, the GOP members of the house did not have to support him or this budget. All who voted for it are turn coats.
Not windows... widows
Our welfare system started out as a windows pension. Set up to assist a woman and her children in the case that the husband, the bread winner, died. Then it expanded to include unwed mothers, rewarding wrong and irresponsible behavior. From then on it was nothing more than a drain on morality and resources. I agree with Star, get the government out of it, stop stealing money from the working to give to the slovenly. I disagree with the tax breaks for specific zip codes, again that would be abused and used for manipulation. Tax breaks for all zips would allow workers to determine the worthy, not the political hacks whose morality is based on votes and favors. We also need to retract all of our anti-discrimination laws, this would take away a major excuse for the federal government to interfere with the states. The feds could not go after county sheriffs for "profiling" nor could it dig into private business on the scale it does today. Workers would be hired by their qualifications and only by their qualifications. College admissions would be based on effort and bring back the value of that education. College grants should be eliminated if based on anything other than scholastic achievement. That would prevent the sub-par from infiltrating our political and business fields, it would prevent the obamas from gaining power and allow the Carsons to shine.
No. Romney proved in the first debate his skills and knowledge far surpassed obamas, yet in the following debates he allowed Obama to crush him. How can we trust Romney after that? It appears he intentionally threw the election. What motives did he have?
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