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Womens equality does not mean having sex with any guy who asks. That is women in slavery. The feminist movement has given men much more than it has given women. Men no longer have to be responsible for their kids, they no longer have to commit to a woman for sex, they no longer have to work to support their families. What has it done for women? Equal pay and equal opportunity, which many women can't acheive because they are the sole care takers of the children without the fathers support.
when he was three many-be, before his mother excused all his bad behavior and told him he was a victim.
I am surprised the media hasn't glorified him. Amazing they haven't blamed this guys actions on the white man. Or, is that yet to come.
Stevens willingly involved himself in this mess throwing his lot in with this administration. His Berkley education preparing him to be a victim. His dishonesty placing him in the middle of the arms sale scandel cover-up. He was no hero. The true heroes need to be reconized and the culprits punished Hopefully this is one case where hillary can't cover up her murderous and traitorous deeds.
First he blames Bush for his own failed actions, now he blames police for the actions of criminals. There has never been more racism in this country since MLK. Now instead of it being primarily in the deep south, it is nation wide. That is obamas legacy. What can one say that changed his name from his given American name of Berry to barack? The meanng of which is "to make to kneel down". This according to Wikipedi. How better to tear our country down than to divide us with blacks against whites and mult-cultualism? How better to make us kneel down?
Thank-you, The decades of democrat (liberal/progressive) promotion of immorality has had a horrid affect on our society. They called pre-martial sex liberating for women resulting in generations of fatherless kids and a harder life for many women. They promoted programs to make taking taxpayer funded welfare easier giving men a free ride in reference to supporting the children they helped bring into the world. "Liberating" women put them in bondage to the work place when one wage was no longer able to sustain a household. For decades they have told black kids that they have no control and are powerless victims, the results are a lower employment rate, high prison population and evil gangs. The democrats are no different than the plantation owners of old who believed the blacks are all ignorant children who need to be told what to do and taken care of. Democrats are abusers of children. They need to be called out for the devastation of their acts of abuse.
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Progressives’ Moral Equivalence

jrpublic Wrote: Sep 28, 2014 11:02 AM
Call them what they are, democrats. The party of the KKK. We use the terms progressive and liberal while the ballot says democrat, the ignorant may not realize they are the same thing. When referring to taxpayer funded programs, foreign aid ect. Never refer to the money as state or federal money, the ignorant do not realize that all the government coffers are filled with money earned by us, the working people. It is not obama money, it is not federal money, state money, county or city money, it is our money. We support those on welfare, we support the bias programs the democrats promote.
Rubio wants amnesty for the illegal aliens in our country, Now he wants more of our resources to go to China to fix their social problems............ hmmmm. Sounds like a demnocrat to me. Scream population growth then when the policies created by them wreck havic, scream social injustice. Now it is a womans rights issue not a population issue. White middle Americans fell for the smaller family scam to reduce our population and ensure a better life for our kids just to have third world invaders come in and have mega families on our tax dollars. Now we can see the day of our being the minority in the country we founded. Smaller families for the productive, open borders and welfare for the unproductive are democrat policies and war cries. How arrogant to think we can solve chinas problems when we have failed in our own country. Lets clean our own house first.
Thank-you feminists. Now that they demanded "equality" in the armed forces women to get to be placed in harms way and away from their families. Isn't it great? Well it is the generation that has supported liberal causes, I guess the consequences were earned.
yet, in CA it is ok to be illegal and demand taxpayer supported benefits and spanish language everything........ The state that use to be a shining light to not just the nation but the world is now a repressive dungeon with potted roads and empty coffers. A state with the hollywood elites and the sloven living high on the backs of the middle class.
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