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Lots of Pain

jrpublic Wrote: 22 mins ago (11:21 AM)
The democrats murdered this child. They call crack downs on the violence discrimination and profiling preventing law enforcement from taking successful action.
It is the civil rights act and anti-discrimination laws that allow the feds the power. Abolish those and the feds will not have the right to tell the states how to educate our children and who to educate.
Abolish federal involvement in public schools, only the states have legal rights to it. Abolish the civil rights act and anti-discrimination laws that gave the feds their excuse for taking over education.
Concidering the results of their ideas, I call them evil, I call them the democrat party.
Great ideal, let the democrat elite share, send them all to the elite schools, let the Obamas and the bill gates share in the policies and actions they promote.
Yet by their claims of "righteous goodness" they destroy lives and open the door to abuse. They don't look beyond the feel good of right now and look at the destruction of tomorrow. democrats/liberals/progressives are self centered, arrogant and cruel in their quests to feel good. They have created generations of suffering in this country by their self centered feel good policies. I call that evil.
Those without children
Tell me again why the feds can make a law demanding the state educate illegl aliens? Is't education one of those state responsibities? Repeal the civil rights act and all anti-discrimination laws and take the power away from the feds.
Repeal the civil rights act, that act opened the door to federal take over. Repeal all anti-discrimination laws, it to is a open door to federal control. Prior to the civil rights act the states had control, it was used by the feds as a watchdog program turned control. The feds legally do not have a say in education via our Constitution, yet they control it. The dept of education needs to be abolished.
We need to totally remove federal guide lines and the feds from education. Give it back to the states. Our founders knew the federal government would bond us if the states did not have control, their fears are now a reality. They knew the only way to keep the people in control would be having government close to home and accessable, that is why the states were granted most of the power that our federal government has now obsconded with. Time for the states to take it back.
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