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obama is determined to take us into global war.
Democrats can't win without voter fraud. How horrid that the majority of the American voters want only those legally eligible to vote are given the opportunity to vote. How dare we want honest elections.
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Are the Hamptons the Next Sanctuary City?

jrpublic Wrote: 21 hours ago (10:06 AM)
Send them to the Hamptons, Beverly Hills and all dens of liberal democrats. Let them feel the results of their actions. Let them put their lives in the mist of the policies they promote. Send the kids to the private schools utilized by the obamas, jacksons and other liberal hypocrits. Have bill gates open his gigantic home to these kids and their gang members. This is a challenge.
The left/democrats have to make women victims, it is the only way they can hold power.
I don't spend my money at any or on any liberal event or business. Boycott is the only thing these idiots understand. Take away their potential fo money, take away their buffer zones. They too will feel the impact of what they promote.
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Sarah Palin Launches Online Web Channel

jrpublic Wrote: 22 hours ago (9:37 AM)
I went to the link for Palins site and got a major threat warning…… is there a threat? If not an investigation needs to be held as to why this warning pops up. I have never seen it before with any site I have visited, why now?
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What if Obama Defended American Business?

jrpublic Wrote: Jul 27, 2014 10:46 AM
To bad obama doesn't know what patriotism is. The man has no concept of it or of business.
Kinda of a no duh isn't it?
The early release programs based on participation in various "programs", doesn't work on the state level, why would it be any better on the federal level? Drug offenders are not just hurting themselves, they are supporting the cartels and aiding in promoting the work of the cartels. Illegal drug use is not a non-violent offense when you look at the full picture. The only way to reduce the prison size is to make it hell to go there. Hard labor with bad food and no perks. Liberal Hollywood could help with not glorifying the criminals and prison time also. They have made it a badge of honor to have been incarcerated. Lets spend the money on rehab for victims, concept. When a drug user breaks into a home, steals and destroys private property, lets use the would be funds to help them rebuild. Meanwhile the not so innocent drug user can be on a chain gang or toiling in government fields.
or the dominican republic or haiti.............
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