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Thank-you feminists. Now that they demanded "equality" in the armed forces women to get to be placed in harms way and away from their families. Isn't it great? Well it is the generation that has supported liberal causes, I guess the consequences were earned.
yet, in CA it is ok to be illegal and demand taxpayer supported benefits and spanish language everything........ The state that use to be a shining light to not just the nation but the world is now a repressive dungeon with potted roads and empty coffers. A state with the hollywood elites and the sloven living high on the backs of the middle class.
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Do We Need Corporal Punishment?

jrpublic Wrote: Sep 21, 2014 11:10 AM
What a phony article. Murder is more abundant in areas where children are not raised, not in areas where they are spanked. Even Dr. Spock the 20th century guru on child rearing backed off of the no spank band wagon. He was wrong and said so. A swat on the behind can and does prevent a two year old from injury to self and others. I knew a family that didn't believe in spanking, they came to my house once with their two kids. Only once, never again. After the kids trashed my bathroom and hit my kids they kicked their father while screaming. Wonder what ever happened to them, don't know because that ended that budding freindship.
And yet, people of religion are supporting these intolerant schools. Amazing isn't it? Hypocrasy all the way around. If people of religion didn't enroll, the schools go broke or change policies. It is that simple.
May-be with term limits our Congress would focus more on what is good for the US and our citizens. We know the budget was passed only for political reasons to prevent a pre-election shutdown that the democrats will blame on the House GOP. We know the GOP is filled with those who will play ball with the devil (democrats) for the sake of re-election. Perhaps if re-election wasn't in the picture they would not willingly fund our enemies and those who invade us illegally. We know the democrats will betray us either way, that they have proven with obamacare (pass it to see what is in it) and other blind mice votes as they follow their pied piper anti-American leader. So it may only affect the GOP. But, may-be that is what we need to bring Americans first in the halls of our leaders.
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The Other Scottish Decision

jrpublic Wrote: Sep 19, 2014 9:36 AM
Demanding forced acceptance is saying the group demanding entrance is not equal and is incapable of equality. Regardless if it is a feminist or a minority. Either one earns acceptance by their deeds or they are inferior. Not PC, but the truth. Men and women are both forced to share restrooms and gym dressing rooms with people of the opposite gender who identify as the opposite sex they were born to. The lack of respect for each gender with forced acceptance of any group is shameful and demeaning to all.
As long as we allow anti-Constitution supreme court judges like ruth joan bader ginsburg, we are in danger. She has proven her distain for it and downgraded it openly when speaking of a guide for another country. Why wasn't she removed?
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Has World War III Already Begun?

jrpublic Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 10:12 AM
The mosques that harbor the terrorist here in the US?
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Immigration Is American

jrpublic Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 10:02 AM
Why should it be easier? The wait is due to the shear numbers of people wanting to come here, not due to our system.
There is no discrepancy. Women who put in the hours get paid what men are paid. That is a proven fact. To bad the feminists airheads will run with this as discrimination. But then logic and reality has never been their strong qualities, to bad our institutes of higher learning don't teach logical thinking skills and how to research.
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