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Stupid is, As Stupid Does

jrobson Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 10:16 AM
As a senior citizen on a very small fixed income (and no credit, which is a blessing as credit is a 4-letter word), I understand economics in the extreme fundamental way.... YOU CAN'T SPEND WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE. PERIOD. Why is something this clear not understood by the big spenders in Washington. I bet there are hundreds if not thousands of pork belly offices that could be eliminated altogether.... such as the teachers union and other blood sucking institutions that are not good for us as "we the people".
Can the GOP really be this stupid? It appears many in the GOP Congress are suddenly willing to raise taxes. What utter fools. As Forest Gump's mother (played by Sally Field) said, "Stupid is, as stupid does." And this is world-class stupid.

If GOP politicians can't figure out any good arguments to oppose tax increases, I’ll give them a few.

First of all, Obama and the Democrats argue that the wealthy don't pay their "fair share." Really? The top 1% pay 40% of all the taxes. That's not "fair?" They also account, according to the New York...