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The Endless Culture War

JRobertGiles Wrote: Jun 19, 2012 5:19 PM
His Barackness is like that quarterback who throws six interceptions in the first half but blames the defense when he runs off the field at halftime. Re-Electing him would be the equivalent of the Eagles letting Jerry Jones handle their draft day decisions. He is NOT acting in YOUR best interest! Please share the link to this article. We simply can't defeat him with our stoic silence. Get up, spread the word, and taste victory as a team! (If it helps, you can picture me screaming these words at you in a thick Scottish accent.)

WASHINGTON -- President Obama's decision to lead with social issues in his re-election campaign -- immigration, gay marriage and contraception -- makes some political sense. His ideologically divisive performance in office has left him with no serious option but a base strategy. Cultural battles inspire the liberality of liberal donors. They may pump up turnout among target groups -- Latinos, college-educated whites and single women. They can goad opponents into angry overreaction. And social debates, coincidentally, are an alternative to discussing the state of the economy.

Obama's appeal to Hispanic Americans has little downside, exploiting a vulnerability Republicans have...