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Oh my: AFL-CIO Pulling Campaign Funds from Obama Re-Elect?

JRobertGiles Wrote: Jun 13, 2012 8:11 PM
People are slowly waking up to the world His Barackness has created for them. The unions to which today's workers hand over their hard earned cash are not representing the same interests they were designed to represent and revolution is starting to swell in the bellies of more and more of them. Obama's world is crumbling and while it's entertaining as all get out, it's not yet time to celebrate. Please read and share the link below.It's about the open mindedness that has led us to the precipice of disaster as a country. You'll enjoy the humor but you'll want to share the message.

Remember what we wrote about Obama's fracturing coalition this morning?  More trouble in paradise:

The AFL-CIO has told Washington Whispers it will redeploy funds away from political candidates smack dab in the middle of election season, the latest sign that the largest federation of unions in the country could be becoming increasingly disillusioned with President Obama. The federation says the shift has been in the works for months, and had nothing to do with the president's failure to show in Wisconsin last week, where labor unions led a failed recall election of Governor Scott...