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Control Politicians, Not Guns

JRM57 Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 11:39 AM
If you disagree, then DISOBEY. Sheriff offices around the country are stating that they will NOT enforce gun control laws. The people need to follow the sheriffs..... They can over-rule any gun control laws Obama passes.

If laws were enough to deter criminal behavior prisons would be empty.

The latest effort to "control" guns in America is as likely to deter someone intent on breaking the law as outlawing lust would affect one's libido. What's in a heart can't be controlled by restricting what's in a hand.

Following the Newtown tragedy, President Obama vowed to seek the passage of an assault weapons ban and hastily assembled an administration-wide gun control task force, an effort that amounts to little more than a political act designed to impress what Rush Limbaugh calls "low-information voters." Government must be...