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And to prove his ignorance of guns Costas railed against "semi-automatic" guns. Does he know that an old fashioned double action revolver will discharge one round for every trigger pull just like a civilian version of the M-16? Admittedly, a revolver will only carry between five and eight rounds, but that should be enough to satisfy most maniacs intent on mayhem.
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Obama's Game Changes

JRjr Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 11:45 AM
How racist to imply that Omama is an affirmative action president. Only joking -- of course it's true and it's about time somenody said it. Black people will never be totally equal until the time comes when they can be criticized like everyone else without anyone being called a racist.
'Glad to see that nobody used the"swiftboating" phrase to describe a negative campaign technique. Knowledgeable people know that the the swiftboat veterans group (200 of them) claims were accurate. The handful of men who refuted them were from Kerry's boat.
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