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Only in the Army BAND would this have ever made it so far. Having served with Army Band Soldiers, I can say that many are top notch Soldiers. An Army Band, despite having only one commissioned officer, tends to consist of better than 50% college graduates, many of whom hold post-graduate degrees. This is a great thing for getting a high caliber musician, but you have to remember, that come along with a long time in liberal arts academia, and yes, since it's art, you're likely to have more people who would be offended as the merest criticism of homosexuality. I'm actually shocked that these charges we upheld by the general who had to approve them. Only in the Band, and only outside of FORSCOM.
Sen. Risch and company, good luck to you all. May your efforts lead your fellow elected officials to live up to the oaths they swore to uphold the Constitution.
What's sad is that we have these examples of Army officers, both full- and part-time, who demonstrate the need for congressional oversight. It's pretty sad when military officers, trusted by 70-75% of the population, need to be censured by members of congress, trusted by <10% of the population. While I have come across more than a few officers who I would not consider to be cream of the crop in my career, I can't yet say that I've met any who tried to exert improper influence over their subordinates along these lines.
So I'm thinking about marketing a new breakfast cereal called California. It will consist of all organic Fruits, Flakes, and Nuts. This kind of idiocy brings to mind the line at the end of The Dark Knight, to paraphrase, "California has the government that it deserves, but not the one it needs."
Should we really not expect this kind of nonsense from elected officials? The American people has been ceding individual liberty and responsibility to the government for decades now. The government that has the power to give it all has the power to take it all away. I wonder if we'll ever again see another elected official who actually believes in the constitution and will make good on his/her oath to uphold it again. But wait, these are mostly lawyers we're talking about, so (sadly) probably not.
I have to wonder how long ago LTC Rich made the comments. Was it before or after he finished his yearlong tenure as a Battalion Commander (which is normally a two year assignment) directed by the Dept. of the Army). I think it says a lot more about who those in leadership are, and their political leanings, that makes these statements. The last two mentioned have referenced the SPLC for their resources, not any official DA or DOD material. Regarding chapels not having crosses permanently displayed, I have yet to enter any military chapel where crosses or other symbols are permanently displayed, due to the fact that chapels are for use by all religions.
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