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if all the people sue's ny for violating their privacy times they can shut this company down
p morgan would not want to go back to england, the violence their is far more than here. he just need to shut up and enjoy the liberty he has here. if he goes back he get charged with hacking with some girls voice mail.
to all you democrats and obama lover, reid and obama has already said F... YOU AND YOUR TAXES ARE GOING UP ON JAN. 1 2013. nothing that republicans put forth will never be good enough. on top of obama and reid raising your taxes, they have more taxes for you hiddin in obamacare. I HOPE YOU IDIOTS OBAMA LOVER ENJOY YOUR TAX RAISE. AND FOR THE WELFARE MORONS YOUR ABOUT TO LOOSE IT BECAUSE WE CAN'T AFFORD IT. THE MONEY FROM TAXES OBAMA GETS WATCH IT CREATE JOBS IN OTHER COUNTRIES LIKE CHINA AND SOUTH AMERICA.
an amercan hero finally released from mexican jail. no thanks to obama, democrats, mainstream media and eric holder. that shows that this moron do not care about the people who served to protect their rights to be idiots.
john kerry with a story of turn his back toward our military while he was serving. now he will sell our contry out to the rest of the world. if congress confirms this idiot we might as well start speaking chines. two words roseta stone
this is the type of lessons you poor parents who sends your kids to a school with union teachers. union teachers do not care about your kids just their pockets and get to play with each other.
thats just like saying michael moore is fat because his a bigot
if that were the case the democrat party would still own the slaves and would still have lots of KKK members. stupid statements shows how ignorant the democrats are.
if obama wants more money, he should send the irs to investigate the democraps and his administrations who has not paid taxes. there's at least couple of million dollars there.
if all the obama voter are still lost the cliff issue i'm not surprise because your ignorants. obama and the democraps want to raise your taxes period. everytime republicans get close to what they want obama and the democraps want to double it. why does obama have a hard-on for the people with the imcome of $250,000 and up anyways? obama and his hard-on for this guys is whats going to hurt the so called middle class. do we even know what the middle class is?
if we have a man as president instead of a little b@##@ congress would be able to solve the problem. obama's my way or the highway is girlish and childish. what is obama's plan for tax hike? if he does gets it why would he need to increase the debt limit? apperently obama is not tell us the truth. he wants more money from the rich and borrow more money for who? is it to support more muslims who wants us and isreal vanish?
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