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Down a dirty math say s 5% of what is said to be spent on schools go back to the states trough to be spent elsewhere!
Washington state is hiding another dirty trick that the democrats used to transfer part of the money people think is going to schools back into the state trough. Whenever the scholl purchases anything from textbooks to office equipment they are charged sales tax. several years ago my daughter was attending middle school in seattle She did not have the proper spelling book. i questioned the teacher she told me they ran out of money. I asked how many are you short and how much are they each. It came out to be around $43 they were a right in throw away book. I reached into my pocket and started to hand her the $43 she said plus sales tax. Upon questioning her she told me everything the school bought was taxed. We have around a 8.5% sales tax .
Priorities they kept the marine detachment in Barbados DUH!
HMM sounds like he was given a mission and completed it. He came into a mess, there was no whining about the people before him.He made a plan and implemented it. obama said he was going to cut the deficit in half instead he raised it! I would rather have someone that knows how to prioritize and do what they say they will that a big bag of hot air like Obama!
Obfuscation above the real story is how are we going to pay down our deficit? It won't be by raising taxes. we could take every dime from the so called rich and not make a dent in it! We need to look at cutting Social Security, medicare and the budget busting obamacare. If we want to be able to keep them in any form. Better to get something than nothing where the Obama regime is taking us with it's antienergy agenda and money printing by the truck load devalueing our currency!
He was given a mission to rescue the Olympics. Which he did and made it a success. What liberals do not understand there is no magic bucket of money the federal government can reach into for paying the bills.The mission the next president has is to prioritize our governments spending, We all need to understand if we want our country to survive cuts must be made to Social security and medicare also the budget busting Obamacare must be repealed. Sorry the only thing specifically mentioned in the constitution is defense . Even if we took every dime from the so called rich it still would not balance our budget! WAKE UP AMERICAN!
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The IRS Has Gone Rogue

jripp Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 8:23 AM
Now I understand the need for 15,000 IRS agents. However the whole Obamacare bill stinks You add 30 million people into a healthcare system already overworked pay the doctors less don't allow doctors to own clinics, don't add any doctors but add 15,000 IRS agents yup sounds like a great plan ! For FAILURE!!!
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Al Gore Versus '2016'

jripp Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 3:06 PM
appiem Is that why here in WA state we have had the longest stretch in recorded weather without rain this year?
The real issue about Obama is the fact he spent his formative years in Indonesia attending Islamic schools. Learning different values than the average American. And he has never had to meet a payroll with his own money. He hates small business because they will not donate to his campaign of anointment! All the loans he made to Solyndra type companies were to his cronies and cost the U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars with nothing to show for it. But they donated millions to the re elect Obama the nefarious campaign coffers!!
Lets see as I lived during the time Reagan was president. He saved our military when Reagan took office I had just left Korea where we in the military were not making minimum wage. Our equipment was left over VN war, worn out and mostly obsolete. If we had gone to war it would have been a bloodbath. When i was at Ft. Riley Kansas we had to get the company commanders permission to start a vehicle as there was a major gasoline shortage in the military. Reagan had the guts to allow interest rates to get inflation under control. I bought my first house the interest rate was 14% but he gave us a belief that we as a nation were on our way up!
As a former coin laundry owner I will say the front loaders get the clothes cleaner. to prove this was a few pair of blue jeans in a front loader then put them in a bucket of water you will see a lot of suds. Now repeat the same operation with a front loader, no or very little soap . Also try simple green or baking soda to get rid of the sour smell.
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