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Hillsdale College Wins GPA Redistribution Contest

jrichardson Wrote: Apr 24, 2013 7:13 AM
Tell that to the Irish who built the railroads and the skyscrapers in these cesspools we call cities. Tell that to all the Okies who migrated to the west from the dust bowl and farmed the land by hand in California . Tell that to the coal miners, steel miners, and copper miners. Slavery is dead it's been abolished by the Republican party for over 100 years in America. Slavery dosen't exist in America however; it does exist in other countries including African nations probably ancestors of the same African tribes who sold their people to the Spainards as slaves. Lets not forget Henry Ford, Andrew Carnagie, Thomas Edison, Robert Fulton, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and every other white person that made all our lives much more easier.

Congratulations to Hillsdale College Young Americans for Freedom chapter for winning the annual Young America's Foundation GPA redistribution video contest.