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This whole trial is just another attempt by the liberal media and politicians to take the focus off of the worst administration in US history. Most Americans know that white people don't go around shooting unarmed black children and whomever believes this is just plain ignorant. They want us to believe that segragation and racism is still alive in this great nation becuase most leftist politicians don't have the brains or the talent to manage a McDonalds they are all over paid socialist trying to justify the useless degrees they recieved in college. They contribute nothing to society except hate and discontent. Through all the bums out on the street and but some homeless vets in their spot to run the country, atleast they know what courage and integrity is.
http://thegrio.com/2010/12/23/sentence-commuted-for-black-man-who-killed-white-teen/ Please read this article I bet this never made the so called high profile case the left wing loves to propagate.
Look up the statistics children are considered unarmed victims aren't they. Most of the time there are no arrests becuase people are afraid of the THUGS who commited the murders. These shooting wern't in self defense they were all for some stupid a%^& feeling of respect. At least Zimmerman was looking out for his community and protecting them. What are the folks in South Chicago doing to protect their communities? When is enough enough how long does it go on? At Least Zimmerman said enough is enough.
Heres the reason I know this case is a political media propaganda stunt. Similiar high profile case ( a case the media deems important). The tight end Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots is a hispanic male being accused of shooting a balck male not in self defense but in cold blood. There is zero outrage from the NAACP or this charlaton who calls himself a reverend Al Sharton. Why not? Is it becuase Aaron Hernandez is popular and has money? Is becuase Aronn Hernandez plays into the THUG LIFE image so this somehow excuses him from being accused of this hanas crime. How many black men were killed in Chicago in 2012 were is their media attention were are the protest for their justice. Shame on the media and all these other charlatons trying to make money and become popular all on the expense of others.
Let's see the last name Richardson or the last name Cruz? My last name is Richardson and everyone in my family has blue eyes we are all Anglo's. Being from Arizona I know more hispanics named Cruz than named Richardson.
Tell that to the Irish who built the railroads and the skyscrapers in these cesspools we call cities. Tell that to all the Okies who migrated to the west from the dust bowl and farmed the land by hand in California . Tell that to the coal miners, steel miners, and copper miners. Slavery is dead it's been abolished by the Republican party for over 100 years in America. Slavery dosen't exist in America however; it does exist in other countries including African nations probably ancestors of the same African tribes who sold their people to the Spainards as slaves. Lets not forget Henry Ford, Andrew Carnagie, Thomas Edison, Robert Fulton, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and every other white person that made all our lives much more easier.
Its amazing why anyone would care one bit what these wahsed-up wannabees have to say. There all hacks they live in plush mansions and cry about the homeless while there dogs eat better than our children do at school. They vote Democrat knowing that in the long run the middle class will front the bill for the lazy and useless while democrates raise our taxes. You can get a whole lot more revenue from 50% of a nation than you can from 1%. These clowns don't know anything about real life most of them would be homeless drug addicts if hollywood didn't exist. The only racism in all of there qoutes is there own racism which shines like a 2 carrot diamond when they speak.
So what do you believe in rauljg69? What exactly do you believe in? If the free market didn't work you wouldn't be able to come on this site and post your biased opinion that is never based on any facts. I myself like to look back in history and it is easy to conclude that commuinism and socialism are failors. We are one of the youngest countries in the world and by far the most powerful that wasn't accomplished through socialism or communisim. The reason we have such great doctors in our country is because of capitalism and individual acheivement. The facts are we already fuC)(*& have free health care it called Medicad know one is denied emergency health care in this country know one. People need to get jobs and become self reliant.
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jrichardson Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 1:37 PM
VictoriasecretModel you must be a raciest you only stated this because Rubio is an outstanding model for the Latin American Community and that somehow bothers you that a Latin American man has power and is able to relate with a Jewish leader you must be a Liberal.
The race baitor is running his mouth again Marc Lamont Hill what don't you understand about murder being wrong regardless of the circumstances. This man sees everything through black and white goggles. People like him, Sharpton, and Jackson must drume up racism its called job security. If you really think about it they would be everyday working class people if they didn't create hostility and rasicm but instead they are foul, meaningless race pimps who make a lot of money off the backs of victums everywhere not the victums they create but the real victums the people who's lives were taken for no reason what so ever and it is somehow justified because it was balck man who did the killing. Get a life Hill!!
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