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The Domestic Violence Blacklist

jrichardson Wrote: Oct 31, 2014 8:04 AM
Thats why I have a remote when those commericials come on I mute or better yet just change the channel. It started with all the self-rightgous actors and actressess talking down to the veiwers now its the retired players I guess they think that any lunitic that would assualt anyone not just a woman is going to listen to them what a joke. The blame lies on the break down of the family unit and no father in the home which is a direct result of Hollywood, liberals, and feminist.
What I do with my 12 year old son and have been doing for years is ask him what he has been learning in class particularly history and science. If he is being tought leftist propaganda I correct what his teacher is teaching him I sit him down and show him the other side of the coin. That is how I have combated leftist propaganda for many years. I was raised in the California public school system my parents were didn't do this for me it took me many years to get my head cleared and educate myself so please parents get involved.
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