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You do NOT need a license to vote. You just need to establish that you have a right to vote. Simply showing up does not bestow that right. There must be a vehicle or mechanism to enable that right. It is called an ID card. You do NOT have the God given right to come cast a ballot in MY voting precinct unless you live here and have the franchise by fact of being a citizens resident in the precinct. It eliminates one means of Democrat voter fraud (the most important reason why they loudly protest against it).
The biggest supporters of segregation were and are progressives because that is how they build and define their support base, the people they have stepped on and then use class warfare to hold them.
Obama has been trying to manufacture a false flag excuse to go to war with Syria and now with Iranian gun boats nearing the US in a pitiful show of force he may get what he wants.
It is a slam dunk the Democrat Party is Communist. Point Blank. At the last big party conclave they voted THREE times to remove God from the platform and LOUDLY booed Him. They have substituted worship of Obama for worship of God. The commies have a paranoid fear that churches are being used to organize against them so they have weasels infiltrate to keep an eye on them. We know who is pushing the anti-Christian pro-muslim attitudes in the US.
The question is: Will this pope be a "Go along to get along" politician? In the US, most bishops are political animals first.
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