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At my little daughter's first astronomy show years ago she heard the voice say how old the earth was and said that I had told her that God made the earth in 6 days. I answered that I didn't know how long God called a day and that is still my answer. The Bible spends so few verses on how God made the world and so many on how we are to live in it. I found the question to Rubio offensive and the uproar about his answer foolish.
There are some improvements in education that can be made that will not require more money. I have taught in very rural south Georgia since 1971. If a student, think your child, reaches 3rd grade and cannot read well that child will not do well in school. Over my last 7 years I taught the most at-risk readers in our county. One year I taught only 2nd grade BOYS who were not on grade level. So successful and so illegal. Another year we tried grouping the lowest kids together; they were all one race. Also, successful and illegal. And during these last 20 years, the money flows to the at-risk student and away from the intellectually gifted. I say to each student according to his NEED and not his race, sex, IQ, or federal regulation.
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Evidence Tampering U

jreinhardt Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 8:24 PM
I have been a lurker, a secret admirer of your stand and your articles for about seven years. Tonight I will lurk no longer; bravo, Dr. Adams. Bravo sir!
Thank you. You'll never know how much that means to me.
I watched it LIVE. Let's just vote it out.
Yes, they DID! When a voice vote was held after they decided to add God and Israel back inot their platform, it took 3 voice votes and each one of them was booed loudly. Mayor Villagosi(sp) finally said it passed, but it really did not. You can choose your opinions, but not your facts.
"Chris Matthews, unaware...". Oh, my goodness, that was a laugh unto itself.
As a southern, conservative Christian, I really need to know what I have done that is evil other than vote for a man you are not voting for. I'm a retired teacher who spent my last 7 years teaching the most at-risk readers, I'm a CASA...court appointed special advocate for children, I tutor the neighborhood children before state mandated testing(and, some are -gasp- Hispanic), a mother, and a GiGi.
When the democratic convention broke out with boos for God, I believed that a judgement was coming. I don't think He takes that lightly. I pray for Obama because the scripture requires me to do so. According to varying stats, between 18 and 40 million Christians sat out the election in 2008; they will not be sitting this election. Like it or not. Me, I'm expecting my God to show up and show out!
Spell check is a reply to this devastating article? The things that spell check allows are a nightmare to an old teacher like me.
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Explaining Romney's Surge

jreinhardt Wrote: Oct 14, 2012 1:53 PM
There was a meeting of business and industry leaders a few weeks ago and they said that their number 1 problem hiring new workers is that they cannot pass a drug test. Here in rural Georgia, they built a new prison and had to go out of state to hire worker who could read and write well enough to fill out the applications.(please don't mock my state, my home). We have a real education problem, and I have heard very few comments about Gov. Jeb Bush's inspirational, excited speech at the GOP convention about what is possible in the future.
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