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Low information voter.
You are NOT conservative. You are a Bush RINO that believes the GOP is better at managing "Big Government" than the Democrats, You benefit from "crony capitalism" and want to freeze out the small business owner. "Too Big to Fail" is just all right with you. You know nothing about the corruption Governor Palin exposed in her own party, how Governor Palin turned her state in 2 1/2 short years from in the red to in the black, or how Governor Palin united with Democrats and Independents to get her agenda passed. You know nothing about how Governor Palin got tough with the oil companies and forced them to get their act together. And last but not least you are a Tokyo Rove hired drone! Anyone with any common sense who is not a "sheeple" is cognizant of the fact that Governor Palin is extremely intelligent, a quick study. The release of her e-mails proved her to be a competent and engaged executive who would wipe the floor with any progressive RINO or Democrat. Take your gop ELITE propaganda some where else. Nobody believes you or your kind any longer. Real conservatives are a threat to RINOs. Conservatives know it, RINOs know it, and RINOs know that conservatives know it See ya, wouldn't want to be ya.
Øppressive men are married to Øppressive U.G.L.Y. Dragon Breathing, Fish Wife, Feminazi's from hell! End of subject.
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An Open Letter to Ms. Hughes

JRD1 Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 6:19 AM
Snottie Hughes is that you Tokyo Rove?
Marco Rubio, Jeb's Waterboy is dead on arrival! http://markamerica.com/2013/02/19/obamas-leak-of-immigration-plan-an-endorsement-of-rubios/
The regressive behavior is exhibited by the oppressive HARD LEFT who call themselves "progressives" just like the communists referred to themselves all those years ago. Now that's really living in the past, D.U.H! The HARD LEFT "sheeple" believe, "Don't think, let the elites in BIG Government think for you." Talk about stupid! How's that collusion of Big Government + Big Finance + Big Business against "We the People" workin' out for ya? Got less money in your p[ay check, don't cha? Your insurance bill and other expenses INCLUDING gasoline are going up aren't they? Sucker!
Now that the "Bush Mafia" shoved through their rule change at the convention they don't care what the base thinks. We will get Jeb Bush and his lapdog Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubio as the ticket in 2016 and the spineless base will suck up and support their masters just like they did this time with Etch-a-sketch. I'm also fed up with Rasmussen writing the truth and telling the base what they want to hear and then "cheerleading" for the establishment candidate in the pRimary. He wrote a book about the Tea Party saying the base wouldn't accept the elite gopE candidate in 2012, then he cheerleaded for the gopE. Hey Ras, we have your number too!
Tokyo Rove's opinion isn't worth snot! Obama is corrupt but so is the GOPe. Conservatives are not on board the Etch-a-sketch Express no matter how much BS propaganda Tokyo Rove puts out there. The GOPe told us Etch-a-sketch was the only electable one. The proof that they are lying, corrupt, propaganda artists is that their pathetic loser is behind Obama in the polls. Anyone could beat Obama. Anyone, except Etch-a-sketch. The wizard's of smart are full of Ivy League BS. The common sense man knows Tokyo Rove's BS when he hears it. Lose Etch-a-sketch before the convention or you are responsible for 4 more years of Dumb-0. A vote for Etch-a-sketch in the primary was a vote for Dumb-0 in the general. Congratulations Romneybot sheeple!
No it wouldn't. West is my congressman. He is honest and a true conservative. Etch-a-sketch should have challenged Obama for the Democrat nomination. He wouldn't know the truth if it bit him.
I'll never vote for Etch-a-sketch, never.
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