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Best speech of the day by far. What a great leader! Somebody tell the "Red Diaper Baby" that THIS is a speech a president who loves America would give.
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The GOP's 20 Car Pile-up

JRD1 Wrote: Jan 14, 2015 10:05 AM
Bush and Romney are corrupt crony capitalist dinosaurs. They both despised Reagan. There is nothing bold or CONSERVATIVE about them. They are progressive Big Government rich elites that voters will not identify with. Bush and Romney are clueless how the American Middle Class is being decimated by their corrupt crony capitalism. They will not get Independent votes nor blue collar Democrats. Take your corrupt gopE propaganda somewhere else.
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Jeb Bush Vs. Ted Cruz

JRD1 Wrote: Dec 24, 2014 9:49 PM
Me too!
The gopE does NOT care if Hillary wins is what your SCARED BRAIN refuses to acknowledge! The corrupt crony capitalist gopE only cares about keeping the ESTABLISHMENT in charge of the party. That way everyone continues to get rich including corrupt parasite lobbyists like Haley Barbour, Trent Lott and Tom Dash-hole. If Hillary wins, it is just fine with them, DUH! You still remain CLUELESS after 2012 when they shoved the author of socialized medicine in this country down your throat as the ONLY electable one! Honestly, people like you who are incapable of deduction should not be allowed to vote. Voting is a responsibility. Sheeple doesn't work. Get REAL!
Marco Screwbio is a dead man walking. Just ask those of us who reside in Florida. It's not just the Gang of 8 garbage. Screwbio is Jeb Bush's lapdog waterboy. Jeb's agenda is his agenda. Screwbio is "Bought and Paid For." He is corrupt. We Floridians sent him to the "district of Corruption" to drain the swamp not jump in the cesspool. Marco Screwbio cares about nothing and no one but Marco Freakin' Screwbio. He also is not intelligent. He spits out speeches that Bush Mafia drones pen for him. He has no opinions. He does what Jeb tells him to do. Screwbio is not a leader. He's a Bush wannabe. Hollyweird is more appropriate for the "drama queen." We Floridians are fed up with his "pretend conservatism." Conservatives don't vote to confirm "Hanoi John" as Secretary of State. Bush sycophants do.
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GOP Bordering On Victory

JRD1 Wrote: Sep 24, 2014 9:09 PM
NOPE! The gopE thinks I'm a racist. I don't suffer from "Battered Conservative Syndrome." Actions have consequences. Especially when the corrupt gopE's master is the US Chamber of Corrupt Crony Capitalism whose agenda is don't repeal 0bamacare, Shamnesty, and Common Core. That's Harry Greed's agenda. Let "Boss Hawg" corrupt Haley Barbour get the Democrats to vote for the gopE candidates. After all, it worked out so well for them in Mississippi.
Dear Enabler, I left the gopE in 2006. I voted in the 2010 wave. I am NOT a Republican. I am a conservative. Mitch McConnell's master is the US Chamber of Corrupt Crony Capitalism whose agenda is 1.) do not repeal 0bamacare 2.) Shamnesty 3.) Common Core That's Harry Reid's agenda, D.U.H. I also don't vote to reward scum race baiters like Haley "Boss Hawg" Barbour." Take your enabler BS somewhere else. YOU are the reason the country keeps moving LEFT! You keep voting for progressive Republicans who stand for nothing.
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Rick Perry Continues Shoring Up 2016 Support

JRD1 Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 8:23 AM
Last time he ran Perry used Henry Barbour as a consultant. After Mississippi I don't care how much I like a candidate I absolutely refuse to vote for any candidate who hires RACISTS Henry Barbour or Stuart Stevens who behaved like radical Leftists and accused conservatives of being racists. Time to give Barbour and Stuart a taste of their own medicine and put the both of them OUT OF BUSINESS! Mississippi is unforgivable.
What propaganda! What Stuart Stevens and the Barbours did was pay off people to vote for Cochran. That's illegal, duh! How is it right for black churches to be political? Affirmative Action again. Have you hear the commercials on the radio? They said McDaniels was a member of the KKK. Brett Favre's brother was in prison. He was driving while drunk and someone died. Haley Barbour pardoned his brother. It was pay back time. Stuart Stevens was furious that conservatives refused to vote for Romney whose campaign he advised. What he did was a matter of revenge. Parker, I cannot believe that you think it is okay for conservatives to be falsely accused as racist. Maybe you belong back in the slave on the plantation party. You should be ashamed.
You are willfully blind! We?“ Who comprises any “we” in any of this? It is not Republicans and conservatives. It is not TEA Party and constitutionalists. The only “we” who will run the Senate, even if the Republicans win a majority in 2014 is the GOP establishment mafia. Actions have consequences. Do you sincerely believe that any self respecting conservative cares about rewarding a corrupt politician who threatens to “crush” them with the title senate majority leader? Once the corrupt gopE aligned with the Left and smeared us as racist they crossed the Rubicon. McConnell is for amnesty, keeping 0bamacare, shoving a carbon and VAT tax down your throat, he likes Big Government and he thinks you are a racist just like Harry Reid. His constituents are the US Chamber of Corrupt Crony Capitalism and he has no intention of addressing the staggering debt. In fact he will spend more, just like Harry Reid. Your point is he is a Republican? No, he just colluded with the Democrats and called you a racist. He’s a Democrat. You are already voting for Democrats you just are willfully blind. Sorry but this is standard operating procedure for the corrupt Bush Mafia. Joe Miller defeated Lisa Murkowski in the Republican primary in Alaska in 2010. Instead of supporting his party's nominee in the general election the corrupt gopE led by scum Mitch McConnell pulled out all the stops to get Lisa Murkowski elected as a write in candidate including partnering with the Democrats and voter fraud. Joe Miller is no unpolished TEA Party hay seed like Tokyo Rove tries to claim. He is a 1995 graduate of Yale Law School, a combat veteran of the 1991 Gulf War, and a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. I am tired of voters like you who suffer from "Battered Conservative Syndrome" and are enablers who allow the corrupt gopE to continue the abuse. Just when is enough enough?
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