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An Open Letter to Post-Abortive Women

jrchambers Wrote: Dec 10, 2012 5:27 PM
ELViking,you sound very angry. War has absolutely nothing to do with abortion. If you do not want to go to war, don't go. I will also remind you that the Aztecs went to war for the purpose of bringing sacrifices for their God Huitzilipochtli. If you are looking for "innocent civilizations".............good luck. Also, babies that are aborted got the "death penalty." What crime did they commit?

I write these words chiefly to women and girls who have had an abortion. Still, it is my humble hope and honest prayer that anyone weighing this life-versus-death choice might also read them with an open mind and a hearing heart.

I share these truths in love. Some of you already know them. Others deny them.

Yet truths they remain.

It is through obedience to Christ and in the authority of His Spirit that I write you this letter. It may be difficult to read, but I pray you will read it.

First, let us dispense with the oft-asserted notion that,...