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Here is my suggestion: time for Chicago to change its name. Chicago = ChiCongo. Makes more sense than your advise from your ChiCongo police chief.
The police chief of ChiCongo jungle-land is an idiot. Under his failed leadership and lack of enforcement his cities has both highest crimes rates in America and is the number one city for murders in the entire United States - and he would presume to tell others how to control crime? I would ask his opinion how to wipe my rear-end! Any idiot blaming the tools of crimes is ignoring those responsible for the crimes; and until he both recognizes those committing the most crimes are blacks and that blacks are killing blacks he is totally blind to the truth...and if he cannot see blacks are the problem he is just as much a problem as the blacks killing other blacks. No this man is not qualified to tell me how to wipe my rear end - he is blind.
Good call; prior to 1955 these types of incident were very few and very far between. Since 1955 with the introduction of school psychologist - and psychiatrist and the use of psychotropic drugs the incidents have increased to an all to frequent pattern - no one brings to task the medical personnel nor do they address the use of drugs on already mentally sick people that worsen the effects of a mentally challenged person.
As per the Department of Justice own statistics: when swat teams arrive to end a mass killing on average 18.5 people are killed (with slight alteration that figure could potential be 22.5 people). When an armed citizen is present on the scene of a potential mass killing on average only 2.2 people are killed. And the armed citizen is following the established gun laws and the bad guy isn't. Tell me you would feel safer waiting for the police to arrive.
If only Soledad would shut her mouth and listen and provide the interviewee a chance to answer she might learn something. Instead we are presented a bias and agenda of her emotional driven idiotic ignorance. The point to be made here, re: CT, what greater proof is needed that "all" gun laws don't work, no government (Federal of Local), no police agency can protect us or our children. The weapons were stolen, with the circumvention of 91 gun laws in one of the most restrictive states and still the bad person intent on doing bad is able to carry out a very well pre-planned and extensive and executed attack at a location and time allocation to insure the greatest number of casualities in the least amount to time.
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