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There is no reason to require a photo ID, except common sense!! A better question is; "Why would we not?" The bottom line is Libs are always whining about supposed voter suppression, soley so they can cheat. It's like in Florida they reduced the number of early voting days and then, sure enough, the black congressman immediately came out and said that was discriminatory because more blacks use early voting than whites. What a bunch of BS!! Frankly, if a person (of any race) is not smart enough to comply with BASIC voting requirements: ID, proper voting date, proper absentee rules, then they are not smart enough to cast a vote and should not vote!!!!!!!
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How the Marriage Gap Favors Obama

Jracks Wrote: Jul 23, 2012 5:16 PM
Yep. Women's sufferage was a huge mistake. This just proves females vote subjectively based on who or what can provide for them. One thing though...it seems like single women would want to vote for a guy that has the qualities of a husband, like Romney, who is rich, relativley handsome, good father, good provider, etc. Instead they vote for Obama, the ultimate loser, if not for affirmative action, and government jobs. What gives????
Just because something is legal doesn't make it moral. It was once legal to own slaves in America, and to kill Jews in Germany. Would you be OK with that, or would you "try to keep someone from doing something" (your words above) if you had lived during those times??
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