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Anyone who has followed Dirty Harry's activities in the Senate knows not to take believe anything that flows from his mouth. He is a useless worthless being that only cares for himself.
The reason that filibusters have occurred frequently is directly related to the Obama/Reid agenda and refusal of democrats to even consider advice, recommendations and admendments form the other party. Look how their ideas are destroying this country and its economy. Of course old Harry cried foul when republicans threadened to change the filibuster rules when democrats filibuster rules in previous administrations.
Colorada has given new meaning the term "Rocky Mountain High" and citizens will pay a price for for their new revenue measure.
Amen Brother! We should also note that most American's are willing to provide some support to those who are actually trying to find employment. Unfortunately, Obama's actions on gutting the wellfare-to-work provisions requiring verification of actual effort (and the same can probably be said in regard to the unemployment benefits), we as Americans find it difficult to distinguish between those that are truly needy and those that are not (i.e. lazy takers). Let's face it, Obama and his minions are not problem solvers, they are problem creators who specialize in buying votes and blaming others for the problems which they create.
Since gun trafficking is already a Federal crime, when is Obama's and his Attorney General going to be arrested and tried.
“The basic structure of that law is working despite all the problems — despite the website problems, despite the messaging problems.” RIGHT!!! The law is working properly, if it's intent was to destroy the healthcare system and our economy. The problems with this law have not yet been realized and Obama and his minions will do everything they can (by executive order) to try any keep the true impact from becoming apparent to the masses until after the next election. They will not succeed, but the will spent a lot of money trying.
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Rubio's Time Will Come

JQcitizen Wrote: Jun 28, 2012 9:05 AM
It continues to amaze me that given the doubts that many have about Obama's Constitutional " natural born citizen" qualification, that Conservatives are still promoting Rubio and Jindal as Romney's running mate. Where I like many others think that both are an asset to this Country, The fact is that neither can past constitutional muster of the "natural born citizen test" until and unless the Constitution is properly amended. I can guarantee, that given our experience with Obama, that will not happen. Both can hold any Constitutional Office in America except that of President. However, lets not get in the habbit of ignoring constitution provisions because they are inconvient. They were included by the Founders for a valid reason.
We disrespect Obama because he has earned it. No president in my lifetime has abused his office and ignored his oath of office to the extent that this man has. It is hard to respect the office when it is occupied by an incompetence, lying, and throughly corrupt individual.
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Filibuster Harry Reid

JQcitizen Wrote: May 14, 2012 9:23 AM
Dirty Harry and Pelosi, as well as elected officials of similar mold, have for years dominated the Democratic party's leadership. They are unethical, corrupt, and can be depended on to always vote solely to appease their base in an attempt to maintain their positions and power. Their base apparently consist of the terminally ignorant, stupid, and corrupt. If they do the right thing on any issue, it is by accident. They and those who keep them in office are an embarrassment to this Country, the states they represent, an to the electorate that allows them to remain in office.
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