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Economics of Peace

jpryce Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 7:07 AM
Hmmmm... Speaking as an Objectivist, I can and do thank you for your efforts to include us in this ongoing debate. And thus far you seemto be able to accurately understand Rand's point. I would have to argue, though, that not every group of people want or are capable of understanding liberty as we know it.
How would a free market entrepreneur approach Afghan foreign policy?

After all, our politicians seem incompetent on foreign policy given the soaring suicide rate among active duty U.S. military personnel, increasing insider attacks against NATO troops by our Afghan “allies” and numerous civilian casualties.

Capitalists have historically opposed war and embraced production as a means to freedom, prosperity and national security. So, it surprises me when self-described fiscal conservatives embrace a foreign policy of military interventionism.

Indeed, George W. Bush opposed nation-building when he ran for president in 2001; he maintained that military interventionism...