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Clinton is not equal to Obama. Obama has no peer in the effort to reduce this country to rubble. Clinton was impeached for lying about the hummer, but the economy was doing great, people were employed, and he didn't try to take over the healthcare system (Hillary floated and idea out there, but it died quickly and he never went to bat for it). People were generally happy in the 90's, the economy was generally decent and the POTUS worked with Congress on the budget and left us with a surplus. Now I am no Clinton fan, but I would take 10 Clintons over prom king in chief we have now. Clinton was a lib, but also a true master politician and knew how much he could get away with and still end up looking good. Obama is a complete and total amateur, utterly unqualified or fit for the job in any way. And as naive as they come as a politician. The dems had such goodwill and power when he was first elected, he would have had any level of savvy or political know-how, they could have slow played things and been decent and they could have slowly had anything they ever wanted. If they would have turned up the heat slowly, they could have easily boiled the frog. But they barged in arrogant as anyone could possibly be, said FU, we won, you can be here but get in the back seat, elections have consequences, we're in charge and if you don;t like it you;re a racist. That immediately built the walls of division that stand higher than ever today. History will rightly judge Obama as the worst, most divisive POTUS in American history.
This is 100% correct. He must leave office and live out his post POTUS life as the utter failure he is. If he were impeached, we would forever hear about how everything was set and ready for America to come roaring back in every respect, but it was all derailed by racism. And, btw, after completing his final term, BO will tour the university system for years to come with that exact message, preaching about how he, as a Light Worker actually was the greatest POTUS of all time, but it was all clouded and ruined by racism.
And it's most obvious with the greenies. Of course the Al Gores of the world insist that the oceans will rise and wipe out all coastal regions, yet he buys a huge seaside mansion and uses 10-25 times the energy of a regular, average home, flys all over in a private jet, has a huge motorcade for every speech, etc... He doesn't really believe what he says, but it's a cash cow and he get endless adoration from the left. Take a look at Boulder, Colorado a huge liberal cesspool. You'd think that people would be on bikes, walking, riding scooters, etc...but traffic is horrible up there because everyone drives just as much and consumes just as much as anywhere else. People drive around in large SUVs just like the rest of America. There are car dealerships and gas stations and tire shops everywhere just like the rest of America. But if you ask them, they say they believe in global warming and would list all the things they do that make them better than everyone else because they are green. They say it because they think makes them sound smart and they also think we can't see the hypocrisy in their rhetoric. It's a joke. Green is the new Red.
They don't think they'll get more of anything with Clinton, they are simply brainwashed to hate republicans/conservatives.
No kidding. My heart is literally broken over what the transplants from CA and local libturds have done to our beautiful state. Liberalism ruins all it touches. It never builds, it only destroys.
Really? If you are non-union you should expect to get screwed by the Feds and it's your own fault? Thanks for proving that chimps can type. Now get back to your cage before the zookeeper sees that you're out.
Oh yes, I'm sure places that used to pay $10/hr who are suddenly paying $12+/hr with the same sales and revenue are doing quite well and very happy with the changes. The trouble with liberals is that they only take. They never give or build. Liberals assume that jobs and companies just exist by default and are there to supply jobs. Liberals have zero understanding of what it takes to run a business as is proven every day by the POTUS and all who support him.
This is true IF the numbers are released. The White House will likely make sure they are not released before the election, citing a need for more time to "make sure the numbers are correct"
Another lie from the biggest lying sack that ever came down the pike.
Does Russia present two sides of the issues? Another intelligent comment by lois the great!
Being a liberal (among other things) means that you are never embarrassed, you never have to apologize, and you never learn anything, ever.
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