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Buckle up Bob, they have already destroyed my beloved Colorado and it sounds like Idaho may be next. Our beautiful, once solidly red state has been taken over by the west coast turds to the point that a conservative vote here doesn't even matter anymore. They destroyed California, then they move east, so blindly arrogant that it never occurs to them that their own attitudes ruined their home state. Nope, they are wise and all knowing, so they move and bring their progressive filth with them to contaminate their new home. Liberals never build, they only destroy.
I have said this for a long time too. He is seriously mentally ill. It is beyond partisanship and politics. He is literally passionately, insanely, aggressively in love with himself. He wanted to be POTUS for the attention. What will be interesting is that once he is out of office, he will no longer be the center of attention. Sure, the usual suspects will continue guzzle his bathwater, but overall he'll be irrelevant like all ex-POTUS. With his insatiable need for attention, that may well trigger some sort of neurological episode and he might actually go completely nuts. Watching Obama literally lose his mind Charlie Sheen style? Highest TV ratings in history, no question.
There would have been impeachment proceedings two years ago had the administration been GOP. The media would have printed demands for it in 72 point bold type on the front page of every newspaper and website in the country.
yep. They want to be able to say "Well, back in September of 2014, we were ahead of the curve, saying....." They are hoping we will somehow forget the complete and utter mass media blackout concerning any and all criticism of the anointed lightworker in the White House.
And don't forget the CFC scare also cost us styrofoam cups at most fast food places and the worst loss was the awesome foam boxes that Big Macs used to come in. Liebrals never build, they only destroy.
I think this might be the top comment I have ever seen about Obama. This is perfect!
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Success or Failure?

jprose Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 10:07 AM
Democrat playbook on scandals: Week 1 - Refuse to answer any questions. Immediately cue in lap dog media to follow the Liberal mandate. Week 2 - Refuse to answer any questions, change the subject. Week 3 - Announce that everything has been answered, its time to "move forward", and state that no further questions on the subject will be answered. Week 4 - Call it a "phony scandal" and highlight the fact that it never really happened. Week 5 - Accuse Republicans of trying to resurrect a phony scandal, and ask what difference at this point does it make anyway? Week 6 - Accuse anyone asking the same questions that have never been answered about the phony scandal that doesn't matter anyway, of being racist. Year 2 - When incriminating evidence surfaces and more questions are asked, blow off the questions and say "Dude, that was like two years ago...."
Good point and I like this very much. Suing businesses for violating our Constitutional rights. Maybe they could do like the south in the 60's. Let us in, but make us sit in a different area of the dining room. So we would have the armed area and the helpless bed wetter area. I wonder which one wold be more likely to be shot up by a mentally deranged madman.
Or maybe it should read: We encourage our customers to carry when they come to our restaurant. Any attempt to harm anyone in this establishment will likely be met with deadly force.
Conservatives who want to be able to carry into businesses are scared, yet liberals who want guns banned because they are afraid of them are not? You are a miracle of science. Did you parents have any children that lived?
But they won't..because as we all know, Muslims follow all rules and laws.
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