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Who's Afraid of 'Rocky Mountain Heist'?

jprose Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 2:18 PM
Good point. The idiots who volunteer to count the votes are likely trained to count 1 in 3 or maybe 1 in 2 votes for Republicans. They are probably told how evil Republicans are and how we have to have them on the ballot by law, but it's in best interests of society to make sure they never win.
This is correct. Being liberal means never, ever having to worry for one second about honesty, morals, or facts. Liberals want the all "correct" things (and have the exclusive on intelligence) and conservatives are evil sub-human slime, so whatever it takes to get what they want is obviously justified. This is the difference...conservatives see liberals as misguided, confused (and often stupid) human beings, but liberals see conservatives as horrible, hateful, evil-loving, subhuman vermin, no different than bacteria or a deadly virus. You don't have to think about it or apologize to bacteria, you just kill it. Conservatives are the only thing standing between liberals and their communist utopia and they hate us for it. They hate us more than they could possibly hate anything or anyone else. I firmly believe that if it could happen, almost every liberal/democrat in this country would cheerlead (or at least stand by quietly) while all of the conservatives were locked up and systematically executed for their beliefs. They would see it as no different than wiping a countertop with disinfectant to kill all the germs.
While simultaneously claiming that the right is trying to "force it's values on the country"
I would say that she could just stop paying taxes completely (if she has not done so already) because there will never, ever be an IRS audit of this bimbo.
100% correct. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, no revelation, no discovery, no matter how unsavory or disgusting would matter one bit to the America haters that voted Obama in twice. They hate America, they hate Republicans, conservatives, Christians, and white people and that is ALL that matters to them.
Buckle up Bob, they have already destroyed my beloved Colorado and it sounds like Idaho may be next. Our beautiful, once solidly red state has been taken over by the west coast turds to the point that a conservative vote here doesn't even matter anymore. They destroyed California, then they move east, so blindly arrogant that it never occurs to them that their own attitudes ruined their home state. Nope, they are wise and all knowing, so they move and bring their progressive filth with them to contaminate their new home. Liberals never build, they only destroy.
I have said this for a long time too. He is seriously mentally ill. It is beyond partisanship and politics. He is literally passionately, insanely, aggressively in love with himself. He wanted to be POTUS for the attention. What will be interesting is that once he is out of office, he will no longer be the center of attention. Sure, the usual suspects will continue guzzle his bathwater, but overall he'll be irrelevant like all ex-POTUS. With his insatiable need for attention, that may well trigger some sort of neurological episode and he might actually go completely nuts. Watching Obama literally lose his mind Charlie Sheen style? Highest TV ratings in history, no question.
There would have been impeachment proceedings two years ago had the administration been GOP. The media would have printed demands for it in 72 point bold type on the front page of every newspaper and website in the country.
yep. They want to be able to say "Well, back in September of 2014, we were ahead of the curve, saying....." They are hoping we will somehow forget the complete and utter mass media blackout concerning any and all criticism of the anointed lightworker in the White House.
And don't forget the CFC scare also cost us styrofoam cups at most fast food places and the worst loss was the awesome foam boxes that Big Macs used to come in. Liebrals never build, they only destroy.
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