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Rumor: Chicago "Shake Up" as Team Obama Gets Nervous

JPK2 Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 3:24 PM
The problem for Obama is that the next debate is about foreign policy. Like his domestic policy debate, Obama has nothing to show as far as foreign affairs go. I suppose he could thump his chest and do another endzone jig reminding voters about Bin Laden. But, he told voters for 18 months that Al Qaida was destroyed. Lybia proved his bragaccio shallow. Our ambassador is dead because of Obama's near criminal negligence. Obama had 4 years to formulate a decent policy; instad he has given us disaster. North Africa now belongs to the Jihadists.

The plot thickens.  "Shake ups" generally do not occur inside campaigns that believe they are winning; they're reset buttons to change the trajectory of races:

"The cold hand of fear grabbing Chicago."  

Todd reports that some of Obama's "sharpest communicators" from 2008 are being called back into service, but who would those people be?  Gibbs, Axelrod, Messina, Plouffe...they're all still around.  Bill Burton's missing this time (we know what