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NCAA Slaps Penn State with $60 Million Fine, Sanctions

JPK2 Wrote: Jul 23, 2012 1:42 PM
SMU was given the Death Sentence for gross recruiting violations that could be traced to the Texas Governor. What happened at Penn St was much worse. I wonder if the Feminist complained to the NCAA that if they gave Penn St the Death Sentence, all of the female sports would suffer as well. Penn St football is a huge cash cow that subsidizes women's sports as well as lesser sports like cross country and La Cross.

NCAA President Mark Emmert announced sweeping sanctions against Penn State University this morning, in response to the horrific child sex abuse scandal that has rocked the school's venerable football program.  The university's own investigation -- led by former FBI director Louis Freeh -- determined that top university officials and football personnel, including the late Joe Paterno, participated an extensive cover-up to protect Penn State football.  These actions enabled former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky to continue to rape children, some of whom he victimized inside PSU football facilities.  Emmert described the "punative and corrective" measures the NCAA has...

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