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Environmentalists on Gore Selling Current TV to Al Jazeera: That’s Not Hypocritical at All

JPK2 Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 4:29 PM
Let's get the record straight: a few hundred effette, middle aged metrosexuals took a paid day off from their government sinecures and drove their Lexus SUVs and Prius's to stand in the cold wearing their $400 Eddie Bauer jackets and $85 custom Old Navy stocking caps and matching mittens in oder to get a photo op with CNN. All the while their spouses (or gay partners) went to Starbucks and fetched $9 latte's with a twist of cinnamon.

Despite freezing temperatures in Washington, DC on Sunday, thousands of climate activists gathered for the Forward on Climate Rally, urging President Obama to take a stand against climate change and reject the Keystone pipeline. MRC’s Dan Joseph joined them to find out what they thought about Al Gore selling Current TV to the oil-funded ‘news’ outlet, Al Jazeera. Oddly enough, they were either OK with it or were totally clueless about the deal. Based on some of the responses, however, there’s a good chance they A) have no idea Al Gore is supposed to be the face of clean...