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Doctor Brantley abandoned his family - that is not a calling. If he wanted to play missionary he should never have gotten married. As a matter of fact, he could have converted to Catholicism, become a Holy Cross Brother and devoted the rest of his life to working as missionary doctor in Liberia, or West Africa.
But, that is not the case here. When there are children involved, the parent's main concern is the raising and protection of their children. Dr Brantley has a wife and children. Being a parent is his vocation, not saving the world. Robbing a wife of her husband and the children their father in order to "save the world" is selfish in the extreme.
When this all blew up, I was one of the few who defended Ann. Dr Brantley, besides being a Doctor and self anointed missionary, is also a father and husband. When you get married, your first duty is to your wife and children.
Is the Establishment GOP so calcified, and so decayed that this is the best they can do? There will be no Beltway Insider winning the nomination in 2016 - not Mitt, Christie, nor Jeb. For that matter, the same can be said for the Dems. Hillary will not got the nod, either.
Don't ever get between a Libertarian and his Mary Jane.
Fluke is the poster child for our political class. Just look at her photo - her finger pointed down while she makes her point; her jaws are flappin and her visage is pure blue-stocking know-it-all.
I'm not sure how firmly the Dems are behind. We haven't even gotten to the Employer Mandate. When October comes and 100 million Americans go through what the people who suffered last autumn went through, you will see a political backlash that will go down in History. The Democrats will rue the day they voted for ObamaCare.
Why read it?You obviously don't know how the game is played. Every single one of those proposals will be ripped out and replaced by the Senate version. And don't think that reconcillation process apply. The fix is in; Boehner's Plan is just cover for the House Republicans. We've seen this kubuki dance before. Under House rules, Boehner can deem the bill to pass, and then allow the Senate to change it, and he is not obligated to call for another vote. The Senate bill will go straight to the WH and then become the Law of the Land.
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How Sticking to Your Guns Makes You Happy

JPK2 Wrote: Jan 06, 2014 8:03 PM
They were multimillionaires way before they did Duck Dynasty.
This is all about promotions. Only commanders that served in command combat units can get promoted. Baring women from combat billets means that they're effectively circumvented from three and four stars. Progressives think this is an outrage. And since Obama' inauguration, the WH has steadily put its own people in the DOD to ensure that there will one day be a female Commandant of the USMC. Which begs the question, how many lives will this females 4th star cost this nation?
Why don't you advocate an all female infantry company and join them in Afghanistan? You and your female fighting force wouldn't last 3 days. Perhaps if you lower our standards enough we can reduce our military effectiveness to the Peace Corps.
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