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Yes the Judge gave the over zealous prosecutors every leeway! It was an uphill battle al the way for the defense. Justice has been served now accept it and let's move on to Chicago and take on the black on black murders.
They all know that if they speak out, they will be chastised by the lame stream media Ovomit lap dogs. The libtards made this racial from the get go. Altering tapes, using the punks baby face pictures, no showing GZ's obvious broken nose etc. accept the verdict and move on. We had to sit back and accept the OJ fucked up verdict!
The electric cars use very little gas thus less gas tax is collected, but they still run down the same hi ways and get the privilege of using the HOA lanes.
The non president may be black actually half black! But he is a Muslim at heart and brain. We are broke and cannot continue printing stimulus money.
Here in Phoenix they are capturing the methane in land fills a burning it in gas turbines. They also flare off the excess. They layer the waste and install collector lines to pull out the methane. In NM they tap into old land fills and suck out the gas.
The methane is burned off in flaring towers!
It should not come down win! It should be who serves for the good of the country. The break down of family values will put on the road to destruction. The gimme gimme status has to end. The faggots may have won yesterday, but GOD is the final Judge!
It just keeps getting better and better! Ha ha! What a joke, "we are the most transparent administration in history." They are all a bunch of idiots!
Why hasn't Government Electric been called up to answer why they pay zero taxes? Oh I forgot, Jeff is obumber's butt buddy!
I grew up in CO, I lived near Telluride when the Hollyweirds moved in and raped the mountains. Then the first wave of Californicators moved in with their libtard ways. Then the tacos got more power. Thank God I Got out of there. I was back home for some funerals. I did not even recognize my beloved state.
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A Dan Mitchell Debate Fantasy

jpilon Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 11:40 PM
Goldwater had a hair trigger?
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