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One reason why temperatures are higher, is when they moved the official reading sites to the Airports. All the heat from the ground absorption, building structures etc. in the past the information was sent in by rural farmers and volunteer weather reporters.
By showing his girls that lieing change get you ahead in life.
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A Doctor Finally Sues on Obamacare

jpilon Wrote: Dec 06, 2013 7:13 PM
I think all Doctors should refuse service to all Congress Men & Women. Most of them are worthless lawyers. Their was no tort reform in the unaffordable health care act. Why doesn't the government control lawyers fees? They charge four times what a doctor charges.
How many lives will be lost or damaged by 2017? This is the biggest power grab in our history. The government runs our lives from within the whom till we are dead and buried.
SS is the biggest Ponzi Sceme ever put over on the Citizenry!
What we saw in VA was tons of money spent to elect an Ovomit puppet. rich donator from Texas financed a third party no body to siphon off enough vote to win. God save VA! It will be californicated soon.
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Whatever Happened to Eric Holder?

jpilon Wrote: Sep 15, 2013 6:44 PM
Holder has been tied up at the Court House getting his last name changed to Withoulder. Worthless asswipe!
Climate Change use to be called "A Change in the Weather" colder somewhere, hotter somewhere, dryer/wetter, etc! The ice is coming back. The scientist in Antarctica say it is a 400 year cycle with 10 and 30 year cycles of drastic changes possible.
I would love to see the Russian's shoot the missiles down. This would mark the end of our worthless non president!
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