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CNN Anchor: It Doesn't Matter That Gun Violence is Down

jpickett Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 10:06 AM
'We need to get guns and bullets and automatic weapons off the streets' - given that you are so ignorant, I have nothing to talk to you abuot.
None1257 Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 11:24 AM
If you could do that, it might be a good thing, but how can you possible achieve that goal? It is like saying we should have a society where no one uses certain drugs, or drink alcohol, or have abortions, or anyone of the things the people like to do. How many things can you think of where government has succeeded in stopping people from doing what they want to do?

If you weren't quite sure what the "ubiased" opinion about gun control from so-called objective journalists was, you'll know now. This morning on CNN, anchor Don Lemon said it doesn't matter that gun crime has been consistently going down since the 1990s as gun control has decreased. FBI crime statistics prove this fact year after year. 

It doesn't matter if gun violence is down. 20 children are dead here and 6 adults are dead, and the mother of a person who was not mentally -- who is mentally challenged in some way is dead. so to...