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Keep playing her 3am phone call commercial that she played against Obama then just add to the commercial that she didn't answer the phone either.....
People .... People .... please. If we stop all these morons from ruining their lives, think of the consequences.....HIGHER UNEMPLOYMENT. Think of all the tabloids and TV shows that rely on these idiots for their audiences. I say let him and all the others like him go nuts, we need something entertaining to watch during dinner.
Until they profile the Muslims that do all the terror the sexual assaults will continue.
Obama is an idiot.... if he wanted so many healthy young people to sign up, why did he allow them to be on their parents insurance until they are 26...stupidest POTUS we ever had.
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An Update on Operation Fast and Furious

jpannel Wrote: Nov 18, 2013 2:03 PM
Always wonder why Mexico hasn't gone to the UN and filed a lawsuit against the US for all the murders in Mexico that Fast n Furious caused.
There he goes again .... giving a guarantee that he can't keep..This guy really is a moron.
So when the NYT goes broke i call the top floor.... I get dibs.
Funny how my kids Catholic school started to teach the Common Core until the kids and parents were outraged and the school went back to the traditional way to learn and the grades went back up.
and the low information voter will still vote for the free handouts because they are not effected by this law...
If you lie enough the stupid will believe.......
another liar in support of our POTUS....I mean a typical Democrat.
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