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Cops tried to write restrictive laws in Chicago and the courts jumped on them as UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Laws never materialized.
Jail time for Holder in MEXICO once all the information comes out. How many Mexicans were killed by his actions....Mexico should ask for extradition and put Holder in front of a judge.
Obama new foreign policy is to listen to all Romney's speeches and do everything Romney said.
at least they are not passing laws that will ruin our economy even more ... unlike big O's executive orders.....
America is not racist.....that stupid sloped eye, bad driving moron Kim should know this. (sarc)
Obozo will just put it on the card from the Bank of China...
Chronic liar or Democrat, no difference.
That's because NOW wants all women barefoot and pregnant. Why else would the National Organization of Women dis a Female Governor and Presidential Candidate. Thought NOW was there to support women and to get them in places of power.
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Federal Judge to Supreme Court: 'STFU'

jpannel Wrote: Jul 07, 2014 4:06 PM
This man is horrible.
I use to give blood every time I was eligible at LifeSource. Don't anymore because Life Source called me, as it was my time to donate, and they asked if I could donate due to the shootings in Chicago (I am local) and today I decided that "they" are not worth it so no more blood from me.
Good i hope the hacker has all the identities of everyone who signed up and is running them broke.
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