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Probably Trayvon's brother looking for a fix...
This experiment will be over soon.
Name 3 things that Obama has done that made all the middle class can't.
This POTUS is unbelievable. He violated his own law that he signed. What a looser.
Yep military bases are gun free zones. No loaded military issued weapons allowed on base and no private firearms allowed. The police and MPs are the only ones with loaded guns.
and the stupid will keep voting for this kind of government.
I am outraged that he is giving only $98 million. He should double it, those New Yorkers have enough money to give those poor black and hispanic fire fighters more. Nothing but racists...(sarc)
Most of America is against abortions....
So have all the Obamabaggers figured out that the high price of gas, oil, and food are the president's fault?
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