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Obozo will just put it on the card from the Bank of China...
Chronic liar or Democrat, no difference.
That's because NOW wants all women barefoot and pregnant. Why else would the National Organization of Women dis a Female Governor and Presidential Candidate. Thought NOW was there to support women and to get them in places of power.
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Federal Judge to Supreme Court: 'STFU'

jpannel Wrote: Jul 07, 2014 4:06 PM
This man is horrible.
I use to give blood every time I was eligible at LifeSource. Don't anymore because Life Source called me, as it was my time to donate, and they asked if I could donate due to the shootings in Chicago (I am local) and today I decided that "they" are not worth it so no more blood from me.
Good i hope the hacker has all the identities of everyone who signed up and is running them broke.
morons all of them.....some really smart women there....LOL
My company is going to an open office format where we don't have assigned desks. I can now work 100% from home which will be in Indiana or Wisconsin once we leave this crappy state.
Yea and 30+ years of democrat control have given us such a robust economy...HA
Publish all the workers of the IRS and their names and addresses and all this will stop.
Probably Trayvon's brother looking for a fix...
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