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Legitimate Rape Arguments

Joycey Wrote: Aug 27, 2012 9:41 AM
I think it was the DEMOCRAT Party leaders that put the commie interrogator up to politicizing rape that ought to be blamed. AKIN should have understood, by now, who the enemy is. You cannot have a sound byte discussion of rape. Totally insensitive of the DEMOCRAT Party and their media. Rape should not be politicized for OBAMA's benefit. Low life's go far lower than innocent people can imagine. AKIN should have known better. All AKIN needed to say was "a short television interview is no place to discuss a sensitive subject like rape." Memorize this.
Todd Akin’s grossly irresponsible remarks about “legitimate rape” and conception have received much media attention. As well they should. The sheer weirdness of the remarks calls into question both his intelligence and his personal integrity. How could someone conclude logically that a rape victim’s body has the capacity to prevent conception in the wake of sexual assault? And why would someone assert that the conclusion had been supported by doctors with whom he had spoken? Clearly, Akin contrived the idea on the spot and then contrived the claim that there were doctors who had informed and/or supported his assertion. All of...