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Coming Soon to a Mall Near You: Obamacare

Joycey Wrote: Nov 28, 2014 12:42 AM
So why do the establishment Republicans support both of these?
The liberal media are a bunch of white leeches stuck on the craw of this great nation.
Wasn't this really all about getting the black vote out for OBAMA in the 2014 election?
And just for the record. Car loads of young white boys get pulled over just as often. I raised 3 sons. I know.
White racists=liberals-do not believe black people are intelligent enough to get an ID for voting purposes. It is time for the media to begin pointing out all of the racism carried out by black people.
They do not believe in the value of truth at all. They believe in their agenda. Nothing else.
We should all be angry that a young man would behave in such a violent way toward a shop owner and then a police officer.
I am sure the rioters are professional rioters. They are not the people from Ferguson. This is no different than the Occupiers.
The illegal 4th branch of government are union thugs that surf porn all day long.
Where is the fricken' governor of the state?
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