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I guess we should let other countries take away freedom of speech.
The OBAMA memos. There is a title for you Ann.
We were told to wait for January. I am expecting huge things from McConnell and Boehner in January. And that does not include joining forces with OBAMA for our destruction. But we will see. My hopes are not up.
That would be nice. Perhaps investigative journalists should be licensed like lawyers. And could be disbarred for printing things that are not true and using their pens like OBAMA to destroy lives.
Bumper sticker---------99.9% of Americans are VICTIMS--------Then leave a phone number where they can send you money. It might work.
I don't remember ever seeing a black valet except maybe in New Orleans. Perhaps that is racist.
How about the racism of black people against Hispanics, Jews and Asian citizens? I don't see why it continues except for the lilly white liberals in places of power pushing it FORWARD.
Has the character of black American children been positively affected by the racism of black people against white people?
IMMORAL. Because the consequences are horribly evil. It is on the order of pillaging and looting and nearly raping, since some are using the weapon of power to take away their neighbor's goods.
This is a terrible thing to say but I wish I could get someone to get things off the bottom shelf for me now that I am olderish.
This is more proof that the extremely offended look for offense behind every door.
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