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Commies are gang members. They work together as one. Thugs of the world unite.
They will dig something up and the media will use it to create a scene to distract US.
What is the difference between commies and gangs or mobs?
Can I assume that Holder has connections with the Hell's Angels groups? Why else persecute the man who infiltrated their evil organization?
If a bureaucracy is given too much power and is accountable to no one, what will happen every time? Even worse when a leader we elected encourages it.
The second amendment people should be working for all of our liberties. Such as the right to live. The right to live when your own mother determines that you are nothing but an inconvenience. How do guns solve that problem?
To become state Senator OBAMA opened up sealed files on his opponent. Why was he never held accountable? Whose legs were threatened? We are dealing with thuggery. Commie thuggery. The worst of the worst.
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