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Who is paying for OBAMACARE? The lower middle class. Which was obvious from the beginning. OBAMA's goal is to attack the middle class and make US poor. Less wealthy. Commies HATE the BOURGEOISIE. They want the BOURGEOISIE to be POOR. They do not even know why. Money=POWER. The MIDDLE CLASS has power and they want it.
Woz, what are you a scum sucker? A sluggard? A lazy greedy jack_ass?
Stick a few politicians faces on Uncle Sam.
Are you suggesting that a farmer's son has not helped to keep the business going? Are you suggesting that I should give my wealth to some sluggard laying on the sofa instead of my grandchildren's education. You put lazyasses ahead of family. Why?
All we need is a picture. Uncle Sam putting traps all around for the American people who are trying to get ahead to fall into. And put the word taxes across Uncle Sam's chest.
I do not feel the war against my womanness. So it does not exist. Feelings are all that matter.
God will not hand out equal rewards in His Kingdom. The guy that buried his talents got tossed in the parable. The guy that quadrupled his received more. No one deserves anything that they have not worked for.
Do we want income equality? Why? How do "we the people" benefit when income is equal? Who will work without reward? The only people that could possibly want this are the sluggards.
Anyone that does not agree with socialism is now labeled a "racist". You cannot make these points.
Can the same be said for Big Government controlling every facet of our lives?
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