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Do all Muslims grow up being taught to hate Jews?
I think there is also an element of pillaging. Mohammed's first action as a prophet and leader was to pillage nearby cities with an army.
And what is the definition of "peace" to a head chopping type of Islamist?
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Pesky Questions About Those AWOL Afghans

Joycey Wrote: 19 hours ago (8:45 AM)
Is everyone in our bureaucratic government surfing porn and online shopping instead of doing their jobs?
You made the first black president to be our worst president in history. This man is an embarrassment to black people and our country. You chose a radical communist over a man with COMMON SENSE. There are quite a few black people in this country that could have served America competently and been our best president ever. WHY THE OBAMA? Why a radical? Stoooopid choice America! Next time listen to the man, look at his past and accomplishments not the color of his skin or his looks. I feel like I am surrounded by grade school.
I think "pot" is the reason for all of the dumb coming out of this administration. Besides, Only pot smokers would believe in UTOPIA.
Did anyone ask him what he was trying to accomplish? What was his goal? What was he trying to do? Why?
Let me be perfectly clear, bfjaigeigthjakvnaughiwgnjikghiqgjhigh
Intelligence does not matter to OBAMA.
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