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These protesters do not represent any Americans except for the anarchists. And who needs anarchists? Send them back to Russia from where their stoooooooopid ideology came. We the people want to get along and have peaceful, low crime neighborhoods.
Their whole purpose in life is breaking things.
These people are black supremacists and communists. We should deport them.
And why do we tolerate the Mexican government?
The Cuban people are ready for liberty. It is time to remove the Cuban government from power and oversee a set up of Constitutional Government. Cuba has the potential to be a rich country. The free market can do it. ETERNALLY STOOOOOOOPID BIG GOVERNMENT cannot. Why did we experiment with the middle east when Cuba is right next door?
You got it. And that is exactly why we should not be trading with any communist regime. If we really believe that slavery is immoral.
Taft is gullible to government propaganda. He hopes and trusts in the rich and powerful.
Taft go live there. Bye, bye now.
Taft, where was Cuba heading?
Why didn't we just take over Cuba a long time ago? Communism is evil. Her father turned CUBA into a nation of deprived slaves. Servile? What is the difference? Slave to government or slave to Big Business? No one should be a slave to any oppressor. If Cuba girl thinks her country is free she is a block head. If your citizens are not free then your country is not free. CUBAN GOVERNMENT IS FREE TO OPPRESS the citizens of Cuba. Without private property rights and the free market there is NO FREEDOM. She is a privileged brat.
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