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Hillary wants to be the president, what is she doing?
What sort of human being is george washington. He seems to be a lemon.
Using their religion as an excuse to take stuff and kill people.
Meanwhile ISIS is forcing all Christians out of IRAQ. Muslims appear to be nothing but pillagers.
You are anti-Cruz. Why?
We take their money. In a tricky way. So that they look like the dumbmasses they are. How do you get people to waste money so that they get fed up and quit? Lawyers are great bloodsuckers. I think this is what the left has done to Americans.
Do they all hot tub together?
Middle East Oil interests.
Would we ever vote for a person with integrity? The dumbmasses want Hillary. When has she ever shown a crumb of decency and integrity? Vince Foster? Bill's Bimbos?
Money. Super Rich people protecting their profits. And OBAMA was bought and paid for.
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