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my kids would say, pooooooooop!
And the Community Colleges would have turned around and given the Democrat Party a little something something from that something something.
Many kids have the privilege of having wonderful parents full of tough love that made them work hard and play hard.
I wish I could go back to my far left professors and give them a piece of my mind. Dirt balls. They wasted a great deal of my time and money.
It isn't magic. Some people are just lazy . Go to the ant you sluggard, consider its ways and be wise. I do think the community colleges were hoping for a little something something from OBAMA because enrollment is down. In our area by 25%.
You mean gray leading the gray.
Freebie hand outs for political favors is not American. It is anti-American.
Clinton’s views are anathema to any progressive; she’s heavily reliant on donors from the financial sector, Clinton is a progressive that knows she must lie about issues to get what she wants. Her donors in the financial sector are not Conservatives. They hope to gain through government. That is the 3rd way. Facism.
The commies and extremists have taken total control over the Democrat Party. Anyone who disagrees with communism(social justice, spreading the wealth around) is a racist. Why wouldn't a person with Common Sense that is able to articulate Common Sense win an election over crazy people? Conservatism is Common Sense. Americans have Common Sense. Why do Republicans " kick against the goads"? What are they really up to?
Vacant eyes. Nobody home.
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