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Skin color really has nothing to do with this situation. The size of Mike Brown matters. If the police officer had a large white man charging him I doubt whether his actions would have been different. I think the black people that are showing up from out of town to demonstrate are attention seekers.
No more tears.
This body, this life is short. Eternal life goes on forever. God has promised us great things to come. Look forward in hope in the Redeemer.
I have never heard of anyone being arrested for being drunk in a vehicle. Do you really believe that?
By watching the communist run news? Do people still ask questions? Does anyone think?
Was this the whole point? Did MediaMasterBaiters come up with this?
Who was bribed?
Lawyers have to make it sound horrible even though it was mundane to get the dumbmasses all excited.
Yes and Barry knew he was lying and did it for political gain. I have no idea why we have such low standards for politicians and our government in general.
My hope is not placed in a political party or in a politician. Hope in Christ and pray for mercy.
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