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Good one :)
Maybe it's time Jews realized their political Liberal leanings need to be changed to more conservative ones; quicker the better.
All kinds of impeachable offenses have been done by Obama; he just has to be impeached sadly will never be.
Gates got his analysis of Obama right. So did many others who have finally figured out what a fake Obama is. Nothing he does, is in favor of America. What a shame!
Good one.
Now, why would she do that? Everybody around must adjust, adopt, change; that's what liberals, radicals, leftists want.
Excellent comments. Well said.
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Demography Doesn't Threaten Jewish State

joyce23 Wrote: Jun 28, 2013 12:49 AM
Peace is a euphemism for giving up.
Maybe the people didn't connect or maybe mainstream media didn't report what really people were thinking. Somehow one scandal after another must've have woken somebody to finally begin to see the connection going all the way back to Obama. What a surprise to note Obama being involved!
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