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Obama Blames Congress For Unemployment: Stop "Sittin' Around" & "Get To Work!"

J'Owen Wrote: Jun 09, 2012 4:58 PM
Don't make the mistake thinking Obama wants our economy to grow. He can't make his "fundamental transformation" to a Socialist/Communist system if our businesses grow, because they would have their own money to pay us workers. They must fail in order for the state to step in with bail out money. The giving and withholding of bailout money to both businesses and individuals is, in effect, controlling our freedoms. For example, we are free to eat, if the state has given us enough money to buy food. While this isn't the state actually owning "the means of production" and "private property" (the two hallmarks of Socialism and Communism) it is the state controlling the means of production and private property, thus controlling our freedoms.

Can you believe this guy? First, he blames Congress for the lack of jobs, saying that if they followed his plan there would be over a million more Americans employed today! Then--after months if not years of campaigning (read: speaking to celebs, college students, and labor unions), golfing, vacationing, and spending mere minutes with Congressional leaders--he rebukes Congress for their lack of work.

He's truly in a league of his own. A legend in his own mind.