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Mitt Romney: Actually, I Did a Heck of a Job as the Governor of MA

J'Owen Wrote: Jun 09, 2012 3:59 PM
When Bush left office the national debt was roughly $10 Tril. It is now at $14.7 Tril. Obama has spent $4.7 Tril. Or did Bush take a White House credit card with him and charge $4.7 Tril to it? Are you really trying to float the idea that Bush ran up all these charges, and Obama is just sitting there watch the bills come due? You are truly one of Obama's "useful idiots".

On Friday, Team Romney unveiled a new campaign ad touting his leadership credentials and defending his record as the governor of Massachusetts.

In other words, the former Massachusetts governor (a) balanced the budget four years in a row without raising taxes and (b) reduced the Bay State unemployment rate to 4.7 percent. These are two laudable achievements. President Obama, by contrast, has presided over four consecutive trillion-dollar deficits and -- lest we forget -- unemployment remains above 8 percent. This is his record. Sure, Obama supporters will...