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Boom: Romney Punches Back on Bain

J'Owen Wrote: May 15, 2012 2:17 AM
Get your facts straight. The alleged incident wasn't in college. (1) Cranbrook is a high school. (2) We know he stands for Capitalism instead of Communism. And he knows how to manage money. (3) Ludicrous, hypocrisy is arguing that homosexuality is caused by genetics when the logical thought process of the person making that claim isn't acute enough to look down at their own genitalia. Genetics assigned a certain sex, and that is what you are no matter how much you want to indulge in thoughts to the contrary. Yet, gays don't recognized genetics when it gives them sex organs they don't like. Gays only recognize genetics when it comes to their sexual urges. By liberal standards, if something is said over a long period, and enough times with

The Romney campaign team ate their Wheaties this morning, it seems.  They've undertaken a two-pronged approach to combating Team Obama's desperate and factually inaccurate ad about Mitt Romney's private sector experience, which blames the former CEO for job losses that occurred years after he'd left Bain Capital.  First, they're returning fire -- not with negative spots about Solyndra (or any of this president's myriad boondoggles), but with a positive counter-example.  Watch how Mitt Romney's leadership and savvy investment plan helped build a thriving steel plant in Indiana that employs thousands of American workers: