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Dave Says Move in with Mom Last Choice

Jost Wrote: May 31, 2012 11:13 AM
Dave, I think your advice to young people should be get a job or two, pay off all debts, rent first and save for a huge downpayment, live within your means. Before even having Baby no. 1 with a $1,000 Savings.
Opa2 Wrote: May 31, 2012 10:12 PM
My mother used to say, the first one can come anytime. The second one takes 9 months. I realize these days, you have more control, but a lot of people just don't pay any attention.

Dear Dave,

We’re on Baby Step 1 of your plan, and we have $1,000 saved. We have a baby, my husband brings home about $2,000 a month, and we have $50,000 in debt, the majority of which is student loans. My mother-in-law has offered to let us move in with her for a while in order to pay off our debts more quickly and save up to buy a house. Does this sound like a good idea?


Dear Ann,

If your husband can get his income up, I’d prefer that you guys maintain your own residence. Moving in with a...