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You're not going to find much soliarity in christianity. The secular world has the solidarity, best we can do is squabble over doctrine. We need more christian schools for our kids to go to and be brought up in and taught christian values and principles and teachings because our future generations are not getting that at home or in secular schools anymore. Christianity is going to fade from this world and it's our own fault because we are split over doctrines, teachings, skin color etc. and we no longer have a unified front to battle the enemy with. In military terms our frontlines have caved in, and our morale has fled and our reserves are running for their lives.
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The Gay Bullies Are Being Exposed

JoshuaW Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 8:49 PM
We reached the time where disagreeing with someone and their ways is hating them. This will be how they take away our right to religious freedom. First thing to go will be the right to bear arms, the second thing to go will be freedom of speech, and after they take freedom of speech, freedom of religion will be next. Don't be surprised to see re-education centers open up to "teach" people that Jesus is not the only way to eternal life, that all gods are the same God and they may try to force you to worship other gods or forfeit your very life, Caesar Nero pulled that one, it's how he learned how to discover a christian. Nero would try to force a suspected christian to worship the roman gods and denounce Jesus Christ as Savior.
If Obama is a muslim he is spamming Taqiyya hardcore. He definately isn't a christian, neither is his BFF Jeremiah Wright. I don't see how anyone calling themselves a christian could condone sacrificing an unborn to Moloch, which is the facelift Moloch worship got in the modern age and then be fore derailing the natural order God established at the beginning of man and woman in marriage and establishing family. All i see is evil everywhere and i can't help sometimes but look up at the stars and ask Jesus "how much longer?"
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