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CNN Presents The NEW & IMPROVED Obama: "Cautious & Cold In His 1st Term, Humble & Chill In His 2nd"

Joshuatree Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 11:47 PM
Republicans and their GOP shills are notorious for projecting. Just look at Greg here blubbering about a CNN "report" as if CNN was Fox News. Nice try, Hengler.

This "report" could easily have been an Obama campaign ad. You have to watch the whole thing: just when you think they are reaching too high, they grab a ladder and continue climbing. Watch Obama's White House press poodle Jessica Yellin try not to blush during the 7-minute CNN love fest for their infallible god-man Dear Leader. And Jake Tapper (say it ain't so) appears with Yellin to pile on the praises.

Behold ye multitudes of little people: