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I won't bring a gun to NJ. I also won't be bringing myself, my friends, or our money to the state either.
Information by omission. If these hoodie wearing thugs were white, the paper would have gone out of their way to point that out. Since that fact is hush hush, the opposite must be true.
Another true statement by obama: Not a smidgen of corruption. This is true because the level of corruption is BEYOND a smidgen. This is just as true as when he said "I will not take your guns away" He is just letting the UN get involved Or "I will not raise taxes a single dime" where the tax raise was in dollars.
If your guns are taken, Remember Marvin Heemeyer http://www.badassoftheweek.com/heemeyer.html
I read that there is a device that will broadcast a signal that would make the guns inoperable even if the registered person is using the gun. This means that in addition to government buildings being equipped, police cars could have a mobile gun free zone equipped as well. Also, not all criminals are morons. What would stop one from building their own hacked device that would stop victims from defending themselves? Nothing good can come from this technology.
Pretty funny that Bloomberg talks about "a gun lobby increasingly out of touch with Americans' priorities". Yet Bloomberg has armed security following him around everywhere he goes. If there is anybody who is "out of touch with Americans' priorities", it would have to be Bloomberg and obama.
My father had a .22 rifle in the back of my car that he just got back from my uncle. It was wrapped in an old shirt and I didn't see it until I was at school. I took my books out, closed the trunk and told NO ONE. I didn't even call home to tell my parents to get the car. When I got home I gave my dad an ear full. That day at school was the most nerve wracking I have ever been through.
"BUT BUT BUT BUT, DEBATES OVER, I WIN!" Yelling over somebody with a valid point does not make you the winner of a debate.
During one of the debates (I believe it was the second) obama said that he wanted to arm our allies. Well, I have news for him. Mexican drug cartel members are NOT our allies! We have a term for helping our enemies, It's called: "treason" People convicted of treason are executed or imprisoned for life. (Unless they are part of the government, in which case, they get to keep their job.) There is a reason Lady Justice is blind. She shouldn't care if a person is a common thug or the Attorney General of the United States. Yet, more often than not, our unelected officials get a laminated "Get out of jail free" card.
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WATCH: “The Obama Effect” Trailer

JoshuaNoyb Wrote: Jul 15, 2012 3:19 PM
I have the option of flagging posts as offensive. Why can't I flag the movie trailer as offensive?
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