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The true acroynm for the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms is FATF (pronouncesd Fat - F) and it stands for F****** Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. Also, acronyms for the FFBI, FIRS, FDOJ, FDOT, and the FHLS need to be updated as well. Because the "F" stands for the same word across the board (F**k**g) it is typically dropped.
I won't bring a gun to NJ. I also won't be bringing myself, my friends, or our money to the state either.
Information by omission. If these hoodie wearing thugs were white, the paper would have gone out of their way to point that out. Since that fact is hush hush, the opposite must be true.
Another true statement by obama: Not a smidgen of corruption. This is true because the level of corruption is BEYOND a smidgen. This is just as true as when he said "I will not take your guns away" He is just letting the UN get involved Or "I will not raise taxes a single dime" where the tax raise was in dollars.
If your guns are taken, Remember Marvin Heemeyer http://www.badassoftheweek.com/heemeyer.html
I read that there is a device that will broadcast a signal that would make the guns inoperable even if the registered person is using the gun. This means that in addition to government buildings being equipped, police cars could have a mobile gun free zone equipped as well. Also, not all criminals are morons. What would stop one from building their own hacked device that would stop victims from defending themselves? Nothing good can come from this technology.
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