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"Conservatives" need to advocate smart cuts to government rather than eliminating 90% of federal agencies. Just because you can run your house on a small emergency generator in a crisis does not mean that such a situation is sustainable in the long run. In the same vein, the fact that an agency can technically run for a few days with a skeletal crew does not mean we should cap its manning levels at that amount. Just saying...
I would caution conservatives not to make light of the sequester. It has given a hit to morale and has degraded DoD capabilities. Make no mistake: it is a BAD thing for our national defense. I'm a little disappointed in Kevin as he insists that sequestration really isn't that bad.
Katie Pavlich is a babe. 'nuff said.
Oh my...more of the "we lost because of Romney" baloney. Romney was the best candidate the GOP has put up since Reagan, hands down. If we couldn't win with him, then there is something more going on beyond 'flawed candidates'. Also, Reagan himself was a bit of a squishy flip-flopper, but nobody ever wants to discuss that.
You dare to believe that God still speaks to man, therefore you're not Christian. *sarcasm*
Excellent points, DHRogers. Well said.
Trinitarian doctrines. Done.
I hate to break it to you, but Joseph Smith taught that Jesus is the Son of God.
Is the "Trinity" backed up by the Bible?
Excellent question, mikefromok!
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