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The Persians Are Coming!

JosephL Wrote: Jan 29, 2015 9:01 AM
Does anybody see the anti-Semitic "bullhockey" here or in most of Pat's commentary over time? He hates Jews, barely tolerates African-Americans and Hispanics. "But if this is where the GOP is heading, we'll be getting off here." I say good riddance to this man. The Democrat Party should welcome him.
It is Ann Coulter's mission in life to bind the knickers of anyone not conservative (and those of a few right-wingers as well). What happens when she does are remarks like Sorrentino's that shed light on the usual hard Libertarian's penchant for seeing anarchy as a good alternative to any form of organized government. Thanks Ann, for Saint Nick's anointment.
Sorry.... "need worry"
Note that the Bureau of Agriculture has requested bids on the purchase of thousands of fully automatic machine guns. We no longer need not worry about a farmers' uprising.
While I am not from the state of Arizona, it is fact that Senators, in general, do not limit themselves to commenting about or legislating for their own states. Therefore, I see no reason why a Texan cannot also say that it is time for John McCain to hang up his flight suit, step away from the microphone and go gloriously and quietly into a peaceful retirement. I would not wish, even facetiously, that he suffer a heart attack or some other catastrophe. That is just plain wrong and no better than the personal epithets and slander we now hear from progressives constantly. McCain was and remains a military hero of the highest caliber. That he is on the wrong side of conservatism for the 21st century must not obliterate what he did for us in Nam. He does have every right to believe as he does, however... and espouse those beliefs. I fought for that right for him, and for every one of you, and me. While it is proper for non-Arizonans like me to criticize U.S. Senator McCain, it is for the voters of Arizona only to remove him from office.
Frankly, there is only one thing wrong with this piece of John's: He doesn't name the schools and/or the people involved. It's time to name names and take attendance. The episodes are horrendous and, as John says, it won't have to take a great many examples of push-back before even NBC might get a clue to what is happening. Who are these people? What are their backgrounds? Sue!!!!
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