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Shipping Water to China Amidst Drought

Joseph64 Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 4:28 AM
China is not the only one in that situation. I saw a story on television years ago about Egypt and how they can no longer count on the Nile river to provide all the water they need so they import food from outside in order to get the water they need to survive. That is why whenever one of the countries along the Nile talks about building a dam or diverting any of the flow, it becomes a huge regional political issue. If they were cut off from importing food, more people there would die of thirst than of hunger because it only takes a few days to die of thirst, hunger can take weeks.

A recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal describes what happens in an industry that suffers from a plethora of subsidies and a dearth of free markets. Water experts Peter Culp and Robert Glennon write:

In 2012, the drought-stricken Western United States will ship more than 50 billion gallons of water to China. This water will leave the country embedded in alfalfa–most of it grown in California–and is destined to feed Chinese cows. The strange situation illustrates what is wrong about how we think, or rather don’t think, about water policy in the U.S.

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